Waking up with the intention of growing makes each day count. Striving to be the best version of yourself enriches your life. Empowering change happens when we take control of our lives. When we choose love and action, life opens up and all sorts of possibilities become available. Now, who doesn’t want more love and possibility in their lives? Here’s 3 ways to invite love and light into our lives and be better every day to create all the joy and possibility you deserve.

1. Surround yourself with positive people
Are you feeling drained or are you feeling inspired by the people you hang out with?.  If the people you are catching up with make you leave feeling totally stressed, unhappy and lacking energy then choose to spend your precious time with the people that lift you up, make you feel good, and who radiate positive energy that shines right on through you. They say your 5 closest friends is a direct reflection of yourself so be sure to choose wisely and surround yourself with positive people.

2. Treat your body with respect
They say your body is a temple so treat it like one. If you eat junk, you’ll feel like junk. Your body deserves fresh air, sunshine, lots of water, plenty of rest, and healthy, nourishing food a long with a little exercise to. Your body needs the right fuel to give you the energy you need so make sure you choose to treat your body with respect.

3. Love
Love yourself. Love your partner.  Love your Mum.  Love your cat. Love your next door neighbours barking dog. Love your coworkers. Love the fresh flowers you picked up from the farmers market. Life is full of amazing things to LOVE and it’s too short not to fill it with joy and love love love.  When a thought and feeling of hate towards something or someone arises it’s important at that very moment to choose the thought and feeling of LOVE you will be surprised how amazing it makes you feel by choosing LOVE over HATE.

Spa it girl xoxo


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