H A P P Y Weekend Workout

Happy Weekend Beauties

It’s time to ditch any drama or negative experiences from your busy working week.

Get ready to have a very HAPPY WEEKEND.

Here are 20 things you can do to make yourself feel HAPPY from the inside out:

1. Don’t attach your happiness to anything external. We run into problems when we make our happiness dependent on our relationships, jobs, finances or bodies or on anticipated outcomes. Recalibrate your expectations to zero. Happiness is an inner experience that is yours to claim. Everything else is impermanent.

2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Identifying with your mind exacerbates stress, anxiety, and pressure. Our egos use anger to preserve and protect themselves, causing disconnection and displeasure. Detach from your ego and get over yourself.

3. Give freely. Give and share what you can, whenever you can. Give compliments, love, affection, help, resources, time, consideration, thoughtfulness, respect, empathy, etc. It feels delightful and karma will bring it back to you, threefold.

4. Receive openly. Accept compliments, help and gifts. Embrace touch and praise. Absorb love and affection. Remember that the act of receiving allows other people the experience of giving.

5. Drink in the love. Hard to explain, but try to consciously absorb the love power of your fanily and friends.

6. Appreciate cuteness. Don’t be too busy or caught in your own “mind chatter” to notice the little bird out your window, the newborn baby in her mother’s arms in the elevator, the elderly couple holding hands, or the fuzzy ducks in the pond. Take time to notice all that is precious, tender and miraculous in life.

7. Play and be silly. Remember how it was to play freely as a child. Shed self-consciousness, let go and have fun.

8. Consciously connect with sunlight. Go outside and be aware of the sunlight and mindful of feeling it on your face and body. Bask in its warmth and light. Feel your connection with this life-giving energy source.

9. Be mindful of physical pleasures. Notice how soft your bed feels, how good your food tastes, how soft your lover’s skin feels… Enjoy and appreciate these wonderful sensations.

10. Stay firmly rooted in the present moment. Unhappiness occurs when we obsess about the past or worry about the future. Peace and serenity are found in the present moment. Practice deep breathing, meditation and other mindfulness techniques to establish presence.

11. Look for the good part. Practice gratitude to stay positive. See the goodness in yourself, in others and in the world around you.

12. Be a duck. Let negative stuff roll off your back. Life’s too short to expend energy getting your feather’s ruffled.

13. Tend to your environment. Make your home and office comfortable and cheerful. Surround yourself with things that elicit positive emotions and make you smile.

14. Take excellent care of yourself. Take care of your physical and mental health as if you were your own precious child whom you love very much.

15. Set healthy boundaries. Set the limits you need at work and at home with regard to time, space, money, etc. Don’t over-schedule or over-commit.

16. Surround yourself with people who ignite your inner fire. Cherish your friends who make you laugh with abandon.

17. Practice self-care. Everyday. Prioritise your wellness and practice yoga, go for a run, read a novel, tend to your garden or do anything that reboots your mind, body and spirit.

18.Express yourself freely and openly. Find your voice and say what you need to say. Dare to show yourself via your writing, artwork, dance or other creative expression.

19. Ensure you like yourself. Be kind. Have integrity. Be the person you have always wanted to be.

20. Be true to yourself. Be honest. Be real. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Let your inner light be your guide.


Spa it girl xoxo


Source: Huffington Post
Pic: Pinterest