i LOVE weekends



Hi Spa it girl’s

How are YOU? I hope you are well and excited it’s the weekend.

I had a really full on week and had to juggle so many things but I am so happy that I have this weekend off.  I was so pushed for time this week but I made sure I gave my body, mind and spirit a workout and I felt better for it.  I get bored really easily when it comes to exercising {do you?}  So to tackle my exercise boredom I chose to do a different workout each day and I loved exercising again.  My workouts were so exciting and new so it really motivated me: I did a dance, cross trainer, yoga class and some very cool personal trainer workouts.  I found by mixing my workouts each day I wanted to turn up for more.  I loved the variety and I did all of my work out’s in the comfort of my own home – thanks to youtube.  I am a true believer that anyone can workout and feel great if they are willing to put themselves first before anything else.

If you’re in need of a little exercise motivation then head to this great: Livestrong Woman site *click here

Have a Happy, Healthly Weekend
Spa it girl xoxo




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