It’s MONDAY do you FEEL INSPIRED that it’s a brand new week? or

Do you Feel LIKE you’re  STUCK in a RUT?

Here are 3 things to RE-ENERGISE your DAILY ROUTINE:

1. Do you take the same route to work every day?  Then it’s time to BE ADVENTUROUS and to try a brand new mode of transport and route – take the train, bus, ferry, ride, walk, car pool, whatever you choose to do make sure it’s brand new.  It’s hard to get bored with your trip to work when your taking a new route everyday.

2. When you open your lunch box are you excited at what you see? or do you think I’m so over this, but it was all I had left in the fridge? If you’re not feeling inspired when you open your lunch box, then it’s time to make and pack a brand new lunch box, be creative and mix up your lunch box menu every single day.  Your Lunch Break is such an important nourishing meal me time so MAKE IT COUNT  and INSPIRE YOURSELF.  You will be instagraming your lunches in no time.

3. Do you turn up to do the same Gym Class each day?  are you doing the same routine, with the same fitness instructor, to the same music with the same class members? Then it’s time to try a new class and time slot.  You will instantly feel motivated to exercise when you turn up to try something brand new.  Your mind will not be able to wander off during the class to think about your to-do list as you will have to connect to your body, mind and spirit while you learn the new moves, new instructor style, new words to the songs, and new class members names.

If your daily routine is making you feel bored, stuck in a rut and uninterested in life then it’s time to change it and try new things.  You may have to do the same job daily but it doesn’t mean everything else in your life has to be the same.

Spa it girl xoxo


pic: pinterest