11 ways to Start Over Again

















If you started 2015 feeling stressed, unsettled and confused then it’s time to embrace a little change and start over again.

Here are 11 ways you can do that:

  1. Let go of what didn’t work – past grievances, emotions, etc. However, letting go doesn’t mean you forget, but what it does allow you to do is move forward.
  2. Be very clear about what you want to change. Write it down. Be concrete. Then set about breaking down that goal into small steps.
  3. Stick to a short list of things you want to change. Try to keep your list of changes/goals to three for the upcoming few months or at the longest, a year. By keeping your goal list short, you can focus and accomplish what you intend to.
  4. Learn from the mistakes and apply those lessons effectively. As mentioned in no. 1, letting go is imperative for a fresh start, but the key is to learn the lesson and apply it so that in moving forward jmake positive strides in the right direction.
  5. Talk to an objective party. Often there may be things in your past that you aren’t quite sure how to change, but desperately want to. Talk to someone who isn’t bias, is simply able to give objective advice and is someone you trust. Allow yourself to just listen and digest their advice. Some you may use and some you may not, but it is always best just to listen once you’ve shared your scenario.
  6. Understand the reason for each of the changes you want to make. If you are trying to eat healthier and perhaps drop a few kilos, remind yourself of how you want to feel by treating your body with better care.
  7. Remain committed. To truly change habits and let go of things that were not helping you progress toward your goals, will require time – approximately 3 weeks or 11-14 times of what ever the new habit is to make it an engrained thought. So be patient with yourself.
  8. Strive for excellence, push aside perfection. You will make a few missteps along the way, but file them as opportunities to learn and don’t stop. Do your best and then push a little further. You’ll be surprised what you are actually capable of.
  9. Positive self talk is mandatory. Remember to surround yourself with optimism – whether it be the people who support your choices, affirmations you’ve written down and posted in your house, journal or planner, or most importantly, the self-talk that is constantly going on in your head – keep it positive. If you wouldn’t want to hear such negativity from somebody else, don’t allow the voice in your head to bad mouth you either.
  10. Give it 24 hours. There will be days where your mood is just not where you’d like it to be and the hope and determination you had at the beginning is waning. It may seem in this moment that nothing will help, but give it a day. We all have days when for whatever reason, we just aren’t feeling it. Give yourself 24 hours and pick up the cause again tomorrow. Don’t stop believing in yourself and give yourself a bit of a break (but not too much).
  11. Let yourself dance around the living room. You know those moments that occur that you didn’t expect would go so well but they do and sometimes better than you expected? And while nobody else would understand how thrilled you are, this is no reason not to celebrate. Whether it’s dancing around the living room, letting out a YAHOO!! even if your pets look at you kind of funny, do it.


Spa it girl xoxo

p.s: love you Spa it girl’s xx



Source: The Simple Luxurious Life
pic: pinterest