Happy Friday Beauties

I started my Happy Friday by practicing yoga while the sun was rising and I got to meditate while the Sun was shining – it was such a beautiful peaceful way to start the day before the outer world’s madness. I am so happy it’s Friday – yeh. I have one of my very best friends coming to visit and stay with me this weekend. I am really excited to be celebrating our amazing friendship which started when I was 18.

While I am so happy it’s Friday no doubt like you.  You today will probably come across people today either in your work place, on the road, shopping centres who are totally pissed off and angry even though it’s Friday! It’s important when you come across these people’s negative, unhappy energy, vibes and attitude to not take it on board.  Simply accept that you can’t change the way they feel, act and behaviour they are who they are.  Take a big deep breath and breathe focus on your own inner smile and happiness and find peace within yourself each and every day so you don’t ever become someone that makes other people feel unhappy, unloved and horrible.

I hope you have the best Friday ever – enjoy today’s journey…you never know what today will bring.

Spa it girl xoxo