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Being overweight isn’t just uncomfortable; it’s may be a sign of something isn’t working as well in your life as it could be, or that you have an underlying health issue. We all have such massive to-do list’s and we tend to always focus on what we need to do next even when we haven’t finished what we are already doing.

It’s important when carrying unwanted weight to firstly consider the health implications {not just body image}. Forget about having to reach an ideal weight and a number on the scales as this won’t necessarily bring you all of the Health and Wellness benefits you may need.  Shifting unwanted weight can start by simply choosing the right products at the Supermarket, drinking tons of water and ditching daily stress.

Here are 5 simply ways to help shift unwanted weight:

 Coconut butter and oil are super healing on the gut, they help restore healthy gut function, which is important when it comes to assimilation and ensuring your body has everything it requires nutritionally. When your body’s nutritional requirements are met, not only do you need less food {because your body is satisfied} but also you crave far less. Since cravings are often out of boredom or signals that your body is asking for something more on a nutritional need. Coconut is unique in that it isn’t digested like most other therapeutic fats and actually skips a stage of the digestion process. What’s more, it will rev up the digestion, which is excellent news for those who experience weight gain from hormone imbalance. It impacts the thyroid directly to and up’s its function too, which is essential for happy hormones. Be sure you’re buying exceptional quality when it comes to choosing your Coconut Butter and oil.

2. WATER WATER WATER Because we are made up of around 70% water but our bodies love being well hydrated. This helps our body in many ways – it ensures our liver can continue to clean our bodies, it means our cells have everything they need to work properly, it means we don’t over eat and it ensures that our digestive system can adequately break foods down. It also helps our kidneys to flush the body too – it’s all well and good to stir up the liver, but if it simply dumps the toxins elsewhere – that’s converts to weight gain too! How much is good? I generally go with the guide of 8-10 glasses per day. Make the first one a warm lemon water and really kick along that liver. Consider it your daily jump-start! This also extends to herbal tea too!

3. PURE SALT Forgot the Saxa table salt replace it with the purest mineral dense, nutrient rich salt found in its purest source from the Himalayan Alps. Real salt from nature is an important mineral and it plays an important role in fuelling your body. Salt is no longer the enemy as long as you are using salt in it’s purest form.

4. EAT FAT Essential for hormone balance, are therapeutic fats. Your hormones are made of fats and proteins, your nerves are covered in a special fatty protective layer and your body thrives on being well fed. It is for this very reason you must include therapeutic fats by way of oily fish, avocado, nuts, seeds, eggs, chia seeds, organic grass fed meats and of course coconut products that all keep your body loved up in the nutrient department. Know this; fat doesn’t convert to fat in your body but quite the contrary. Sugar on the other hand will. It is inflammatory on the gut, leads to pain in the body and weighs down your inner workings like nothing else. It’s also super addictive so it’s important to ditch walking down the Chocolate aisle at the Supermarket!

5. DITCH THE STRESS Go on a Holiday or Mini Weekend away – it’s an instant stress reliever.  Make time each day to get your daily dose of Vitamin D by sitting in the Sun even just for a little while.  Switch off your phone and social media and take a proper break. We’re designed to experience (and cope) with short bursts of stress but when they become an ‘all day long and night’ our bodies go into a frenzy, and our mind starts to work overtime and inadvertently cortisol drives oestrogen, and fat cells feed on it. We simply continue to tip our hormones out of whack and our weight follows suit and it tends to hold on to it even longer while we are under constant stress.  It’s important to de-stress, get a massage, take a long bath, read a feel good book, have a foot massage whatever it is that makes you relax do more of it if you want to shift that unwanted weight.

Spa it girl xoxo

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