It’s Monday Morning and my alarm went off at 5am. I jumped out of bed as I had to meet one of my workout friends at 5.30am for a 10km circuit interval walk/run.

What was My SPAitgirl Monday Motivation? Firstly not letting my workout friend down.  Secondly not missing out on my Exercise High.  I believe the first thing we all must do when we rise and shine is nourish ourselves through being Active, Meditating, Eating lots of Fresh Wholesome Foods and Drinking Tons of Water in-between.   To help you get motivated this Monday – I wanted to share with you 8 ways TO FEEL GOOD: Body, Mind, Spirit:

Even if it’s only for 20 minutes every single day. Get outside of your house. Take a walk. Wake up early for that morning Yoga class. Walk before or after work. Start a running or cycling club. Try indoor rock climbing. Put on a home DVD while the kids are sleep. Do anything and everything you can to get your body moving. Break out in a sweat and do something active. You will feel so much better for it – trust me.





















Count your blessings.  Each day think about what you are grateful, write down what you are grateful for then say it out loud.  Appreciate the smaller things like watching the sunrise, hearing the waves of the ocean, birds chirping, your morning coffee, the first sip of water after waking up, your morning stretches.  Being grateful for the smaller non-material things in your daily life will touch your heart and soul and make you realise how amazing your life truly is when you realise who amazing your life truly is you don’t need to continually work towards needing material things to make your life worthy.







There’s something really special about breaking up your daily routine with something different.  I try to learn something new each day it helps me grow and think it makes you more interested in life.  It could be learning a new dance move, how to speak Spanish, how to make a new delicious recipe, mastering a new yoga asana whatever it is make sure you focus on learning something new.  Channel your inner kid as I believe if you are not learning something new each day it’s a sure way of getting bored with life.  By learning something new each day you will never grow tired of life.



















Turn up the music in the car, at home, at the beach, dance sing at the top of your lungs, put on your favourite feel good song and feel the beat.  It’s a given that listening to music, the right kind of music makes you feel good. When was the last time you danced around the house like a little kid and had fun? When was the last time you sang out loud? Music is the greatest source of healing and infuses positive feel good energy so make sure you start to tap into the power this endless source of happiness. Listen to lots of music, blast it, smile and MOVE, MOVE, MOVE. You can do it.













Make time each day to pray or meditation, slow the mind down make time to clear the mind.  Prayer and meditation helps to soothe the mind so if you are finding you have an overactive mind and can’t sleep or finding it hard to focus then put on a guided youtube meditation and surrender all your cares and worries to the universe.  Reduce your stress by spending time to de-stress through praying and meditating.  You don’t need to be a Zen Master or Buddist Monk to meditate. Practice each day to help quieten your mind.












Start and End your day with a few minutes of stretching it will make all the difference.




















I’m inspired by one of my friends who has lost over 30 kilos and still counting. She has lost all of her excess weight from simply choosing to be active everyday and moving. Even though she has a full on lifestyle working full time in a super busy job, is then a super busy Mum, she always manages to find the time to take good care of herself and is active nearly every day even if that means the alarm goes off at 4.30am in the morning most days. She makes no excuses for why she can’t exercise and I love that about her – she is very motivational.  She radiates health, happiness, positive energy, love, kindness and light – it’s amazing to see what an Active Life can do.  She pushes me when we catch up to work out and encourages me to go that little bit further, faster and to never give up even when my leg muscles are burning and sore.  I think it’s really important to surround yourself with people who inspire you to be your best healthiest and happiest self.  Who motivate you to turn up to work out, who push you that little bit further, who support you.  Try spending more time with people who make yourself feel good and slowly ditch those friends in your life who encourage you to wake up feeling like crap the next day. The best part of the day is right before Sunrise – well at least that is what I think :-)

















The easiest way to nourish yourself is through choosing to eat fresh wholesome food.  I am a huge fan of organic food and choose to eat it whenever I can and I am also a fan of gluten free food too. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits food as it will make you feel brighter, lighter and will give you that energy and spark you need to get through each day.  There are so many amazing healthy foods out there so there is really no excuse as to why we can’t all nourish ourselves with wholesome fresh farmed foods.


I hope this motivates you to MOVE, MOVE, MOVE and to Nourish yourself too.

Have a Magical Monday and a Beautiful Week – each day is a blessing.

Spa it girl xoxo