If you are in need of some positive lifestyle change then……….

Here are 3 steps to Attract What You Want:

1. Identify what you want – In order to get what you want, you must firstly know what you want. You need to be CLEAR with what you want and then write it down on a piece of paper and get it out there.  By being clear about what you want you will start to attract that into your life. So if you want a new job – then be clear about why type of job – as an example I want a new job: as an administration assistant.

2.  Focus on what you want
Now that you know what you want focus on what you want daily.  Here are a few rituals you can do to set the positive energy of attraction into motion:

  • say out loud what you want, put it out there to the universe
  • write about what you want
  • tell people about what you want
  • learn new things, skills, that are to do with what you want
  • write positive affirmations about what you want
  • make a vision board about what you want, see it, feel it, daydream about it
  • stick a visual picture of what you want either on your mobile phone wall paper, computer screen saver and the list of places go on – visualise it
  • meditate and pray for abundance – be open to receiving it from the higher powers
  • notice any signs from above and follow your inner spirit guides

3. Ditch Negative Energy
Self doubt can be one of the most toxic things we do to ourselves.   Don’t put yourself down! You need to start believing in yourself, and backing yourself.  Become your own best friend and treat yourself the same way you would like other people to treat you.

You have the ability to do anything you want to, so as long as you are clear with what you want – you can attract it.  Ditch any negative self talk about yourself and turn your negative words, actions, thoughts into a positive ones and send that positive vibration out to the universe and that is then what frequency you will be tuning into.

Take a good look at the people that are in your life and who you spend the most amount of time with.  Make sure they are positive, supportive and kind.  You need to surround yourself with a very supportive network of people who are dreamers, doers, believers and who have your back just like the universe has.

It’s ok to take a much needed break from people in your life who carry around with them lots of negative energy.  If someone self doubts you then start spending more time with those who bring out the best in you – who truly believe in you, who care for you.  Don’t waste time hanging out with people who make you feel like crap and who’s negative energy you can’t seem to shake hours off hours after you have connected with them.

Celebrate your wins this will help to keep the positive vibrations flowing and builds momentum for attracting even more of what you want. Be open to receive and believe. You must believe you are worthy enough to live the life you want.  As you open your capacity to receive, you will find that this positive energy will start to flow in and around you. It’s important to never get jealous of anyone else’s success, or to compare yourself other people – which can be hard in this day and age but be patience as you need not fear not ever having enough – as there is enough abundance out there for everyone.  So even if someone has done it before, or is doing it right now, or people tell you it can’t be done as the world is going through a down turn.

“By knowing what you want, you can attract what you want – plus so much more” Spa it girl xoxo



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source: spa it girl