It’s officially the 1st day of Winter – well in Australia that is.

It may be cold and miserable outside but that is still no excuse to not exercise.  If you need a little motivation then join the Spa it Girl – Let’s Hula Hoop for the Month of June.

All you need to do is buy yourself a Hula Hoop and find enough room in the comfort of your own warm home.  Start by getting into your Hula Hoop and warming up then begin to move forward and back, side to side to your favourite song.

If you need a little Hula Hoop workout inspiration then press the play button and do my Spa it Girl Hula Hoop 3 minute routine.  Don’t worry if you drop your Hula Hoop a number of times that is to be expected the key at getting better is practice.  If you need even more motivation get out a measuring tape and write down your abs, butt, hips and thigh measurements then at the end of June measure yourself again to compare.

Aim to Hula Hoop about 3 to 4 times a week to your favourite song or songs.   Hula Hooping is great for working your abs, butt, hips and thighs.  By doing Hula Hooping when Summer finally comes around you won’t be that freaked out.  You will be Swimwear ready.

If you want more Hula Hoop workout routines for the Month of June be sure to like the Spa it Girl facebook page to receive more.