99 reasons to start Meditating

You don’t need to be a Zen Master to Meditate you just need to be yourself.

I love to meditate because it makes me feel so good.  The benefits of mediation are from physiological to psychological to spiritual.  I think meditating daily is just as important as brushing and flossing your teeth is.

My Spa it girl Mantra is:  If you have time to read your facebook news feed then you have time to meditate to.

If you still don’t think you have the time to meditate:

Then here are 99 reasons to start meditating: 

  1. Helps you better manage stress
  2. Boosts your social life
  3. Helps you accomplish more by doing less
  4. Cultivates compassion
  5. Enables you to become present in the moment
  6. Leads you to, and connects you with, your purpose
  7. Lowers your blood pressure
  8. Gives you laser focus
  9. Heightens your intuition
  10. Improves your memory
  11. Makes you a nicer person
  12. Broadens your perspective
  13. Gives you Jedi-like skills
  14. Reduces irrational reactivity
  15. Increases your immunity
  16. Cultivates more loving relationships
  17. Helps you let go of defensiveness
  18. Lowers your heart rate
  19. Enhances sensory perception
  20. Helps you achieve better grades and/or higher test scores
  21. Decreases inflammation
  22. Taps your creativity
  23. Improves problem-solving abilities
  24. Lands you cooler friends
  25. Makes you more giving
  26. Boosts your happiness
  27. Deepens your connection to the Self and others
  28. Increases your emotional intelligence
  29. Accesses higher states of consciousness
  30. Improves your sex life
  31. Leads to self-discovery
  32. Decreases anxiety and depression
  33. Makes you resilient in tough times
  34. Expands your awareness
  35. Opens you to greater possibilities
  36. Helps you let go of baggage
  37. Gives you a richer life experience
  38. Hones mental strength
  39. Helps you discover who you really are
  40. Encourages peace of mind
  41. Reduces impulsive behavior
  42. Teaches you about forgiveness
  43. Promotes more restful sleep
  44. Evokes feelings of lightness
  45. Discourages the victim mentality
  46. Allows you to step into your power
  47. Guides you to make more conscious choices
  48. Helps you to get out of your mind and into your heart
  49. Leads to cultivation of a spiritual practice
  50. It’s easier than you think
  51. Helps you get to know your thoughts (so you can change them)
  52. Improves metabolism
  53. Improves exercise
  54. Makes you less judgmental
  55. Alters the genetic expression of your DNA
  56. Increases your energy
  57. Enhances your connection with nature
  58. Makes you more fun to be around
  59. Helps you connect more deeply with your children
  60. Improves your ability to communicate effectively
  61. Reduces signs of aging
  62. Improves your listening skills
  63. Generates helpfulness
  64. Helps you fight diseases
  65. Improves heart rate and respiration
  66. Promotes cellular regeneration
  67. Enhances gratitude
  68. Makes you more successful
  69. Helps you become more proactive
  70. You can do it anywhere—no studios, gyms, or props needed
  71. Improves functioning of your brain
  72. Improves conflict resolution
  73. Strengthens bonds with your pets
  74. Makes you fall in love with guided meditations on youtube
  75. Lessons your desire to control other people
  76. Reduces negative emotions
  77. Improves overall athletic performance
  78. Helps you roll with the punches
  79. Improves digestion
  80. Makes you want to do nice things for the planet
  81. Enhances collaboration
  82. Enables you to find the silver lining in challenging situations
  83. Builds self-confidence
  84. Increases job satisfaction
  85. Provides greater levels of tolerance
  86. Reduces road rage
  87. Balances mind, body, and spirit
  88. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system
  89. Deepens your capacity for love
  90. Develops greater will power
  91. Makes you more outgoing and fun {that’s me}
  92. Enhances dream recollection
  93. Helps you develop patience
  94. Helps with headaches and migraines
  95. Decreases muscle tension
  96. Slows aging of the mind
  97. Enhances your memory
  98. Spa it girl is doing it
  99. It’s free

Just as the phrase implies, “the answers are within.” A daily meditation practice will teach you about yourself, others, and the world you live in. You will tap into your own truth without the influence of society or the validation of others. And, the level of insight and clarity you glean from within is the catalyst for unparalleled personal development and self-evolution. This is how you become the best version of yourself. This is how you create personal transformation, and it’s how you effect global change.

Want to now meditate? youtube a guided meditation or sit down or lay down in a quite place close your eyes and focus on your breathe, breathe in and out – that’s it.


Spa it girl xoxo



pic: Spa it girl-Tara Stiles
source: the chopra centre