Good Morning Spa it girl’s

OMG can you believe it – we are now half way through the year.

As it is the very first day of July it’s now time to revisit what goals you set out to achieve and want to in 2015.

Whether you are seeking a big change or a small change the good news is – you still have the rest of the year to make it happen.

Here are some goal setter and getter tips:

1. Know Your Goal
To reach your goal, you need to know your goal inside and out. What it is, when do you intend to achieve it, how will you know that you have achieved it and most importantly…what does it mean for your life if you don’t reach your goal. What will your life look like in five, ten or even fifteen years if you don’t prioritise your time and effort now to make it happen. Arm yourself with knowledge – have you tried to achieve your goal before? What stopped you? Understanding the barriers that have stopped you in the past will empower you to achieve your goal this time.

2. Write It Down
Write down everything. Getting it all out on paper is far more helpful in achieving your goal than keeping it hidden in the back of your mind. Keep a notebook and make it a habit to update it as you go. Write down all your achievements along the way too and be sure to acknowledge and celebrate them. The first step of appreciation is acknowledgement.

3. Take Action
The biggest hurdle to achieving your goal is your actions, or lack thereof. People are great at setting goals and most know what it is they want to achieve. So they have this beautiful idea of where they are heading and what that will feel like, but…they don’t align their actions with their goal.

Actions = Achievement.

Remember nothing changes if you don’t!

Set yourself an action plan – achievable everyday actions that will take you closer to achieving your goal, and if you’re goal is really big make sure your actions are really small. It sounds odd, but it works. Small, consistent actions = big rewards.

4. Make Your Goal A Priority
Life is busy. With careers and families and other commitments it can feel overwhelming trying to add other things into the mix. So know this – everyone has the same 24 hours in their day. Those who get more out of their time know the art of prioritisation. These days people work longer hours, get less sleep and spend too much of their time rushing from one thing to another. If you want to get ahead then you need to start prioritising your life. This is THE most valuable thing that you can do to get the life that you want. Remember this…when you replace short term gain with long term success, you are setting yourself up for an amazing life. Delayed gratification ~resisting immediate temptation for longer term rewards.

5. Get Organised
Successful people are organised people. Prepare for the week ahead, plan where you are going to take action, know what you need, get organised. Planning is crucial if you want to stay on track. Preparation = Success.

6. Be Effective
Adding more actions to your day won’t necessarily help you to achieve your goal faster. Be efficient with your actions and make sure that your actions are giving you maximum effect. If you are taking action and not seeing any change, reassess. Your plan should never be set in concrete; it needs to evolve as things change to help you stay on track. If things aren’t working for you, if your goal isn’t getting any closer or you are becoming disillusioned with making it. Stop. Reset. Start again.

7. Make It Real
Set your goals from your heart. If you set your goals based on other people’s expectations or your comparison of the life of another you will not find fulfilment. Don’t set yourself up for failure by making your goals unrealistic. By all means dream big, but know this – nothing kills a goal faster than setting one that is impossible.

” You can do anything you want to – believe” Spa it girl xoxo

























“What is on your bucket list? if you don’t have one write one ” Spa it girl xoxo























“Make what you want in life happen – go get it” Spa it girl xoxo