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I was first introduced to Yoga Teaching when I was very young and living in the City working as a freestyle aerobics teacher.  Back then Yoga was still a bit new age, hippie and there wasn’t a lot of teachers around it was the era of cassettes and having to write your own choreography to your own music. I spent endless hours practicing my workout routines either in my bedroom or out in the lounge room when my flatmates were not home. Every time I turned up to teach a class it seems that the microphone battery was either flat, or would go flat during the class.

Most of my money from teaching aerobics went on buying aerobics clothes to wear whilst teaching.  Looking the part was very important and I had a different outfit for all the many classes I taught.  Everything had to be perfectly matched.  I think it was an Aerobics teachers’s greatest fear to turn up to teach a class and for someone in the front row to be wearing the exact same outfit.  At the time there was only really one main brand that every Aerobics teacher was wearing…but how times have change.

What active wear clothes do you go to wear now on your morning walk, at the gym, or in your yoga class? – the active wear brand you have always worn and only know? the one that is cheap and tacky and will fall apart in next couple of weeks? the one you have to hand wash? the one that looks good but feels so uncomfortable to wear? There are just so many options now it can get rather confusing.

With so many active wear brands, clothes and choices… I wanted to help make things a little bit easier for you. So I am going to share with you one of my all time favourite Active Wear {Yoga Loving Awe inspiring brands} Liquido which was created by a family in Sao Paulo, Brazil who had a vision to design limited edition all day active wear made sweatshop free.  They believe that every woman has her own path and talents to add to the world and I too believe this and also that you should never fear yourself and your own abilities – you can do anything.

So if you wondering why I LOVE Liquido Active so much this is why:

“Liquido looks good, feels good and is good” Yvette Le Blowitz – Spa it girl 

“For me wearing Liquido Pattern Leggings is more comfy than wearing a pair of Peter Alexander PJs to bed and doing a downward dog in Lorna Jane pants”

“Liquido pants are suppose to feel like second skin {well so they say} but for me especially when it comes to the patterned leggings they feel so close to a first skin. I personally have never worn or worked out in any yoga pants quite like them” “So it makes it easy to go with the flow when I am not having to worry about being uncomfortable” Yvette Le Blowitz, Spa it girl 

“I love how Liquido makes sweatshop free active wear and that they are choose humanity, love, light, fair trade, kindness over mass production”

“Liquido inspire’s and support’s women to live their dreams no matter the path they have already walked”

In my recent Spa it girl youtube Yoga Class for a Grateful Heart you will notice I am wearing black tank top just like the one above that says I WEAR Gratitude this is a Liquido tank top and is part of their collection of I WEAR {positive affirmations}: you get to choose what you message you would like to wear for yourself and it will also touch those you meet along the way and you where this you will be radiating this message to the universe and bringing in and out positive vibes. 

“I believe you can never be to busy to be grateful and it’s nice to count your blessings for what you have and who you are”

“I choose to wake up every morning and be grateful for my life” “and I am also grateful throughout my day and night” 

“I love spreading LOVE & LIGHT and doing little random acts of kindness to brighten up someone’s day” 

 “wearing a yoga top hat clearly says: I WEAR gratitude is such a beautiful message to the world & universe – and it makes me feel good”

On that note……

If you would like to buy my handpicked:

SPA it girl ACTIVE WEAR outfits:

CLICK HERE *: i wear gratitude – tank black

Peacock Leggings:  Peacock Leggings

Psychedelic Legging: Psychedelic Leggings

Patter Crop Spring: Pattern Crop Spring

For more go to: Liquido


Feel free to Practice my Spa it girl YOGA class for a grateful heart *click here


LOVE & LIGHT always

Spa it girl xoxo



*a special thank you to my beautiful Spa it girl – soul sister Brooke who loves to always take my active living yoga loving –  Spa it girl blog pics – she always seems to capture the true essence of a Spa it girl along with the natural beauty of mother earth – I am always in awe of her creative photography work and so grateful for her positive light work. 

*also a special thanks of gratitude to the Liquido founders, team and followers for supporting and wearing beautiful active clothes that are made sweatshop free and with love – you all rock xoxo

*pay gratitude today to something or someone you truly believe in