Good Morning Beautiful 

I hope you’re well and all is well in your world.  I worked out today and did this:

Body = HIT
Mind = Meditation
Spirit = Yoga

You will notice I trained my Body, Mind, Spirit and not just my body.  I believe that we are much more than our Physical being and Body Image.  While it’s really nice to admire other people who are super hot & fit and who we may want to look like.  I think that we should acknowledge and accept that we are all different shapes and sizes, we all have different looks.  While admiring someone else for their body image and good looks may be a great source of inspiration and motivation.  I truly believe you have to firstly learn to admire yourself and work out to be the best version of yourself and not to look like someone else.

If your only goal is to look good in a Bikini and to have ripped 6 pack abs than you may be cutting yourself short of so many other possibilities.  I don’t believe in training just for body image, nor counting carbs or going without carbs, or depriving yourself all for endless bikini bathroom selfie’s.

When it comes to eating food I like to keep it really simple.  I try to eat as much fresh food farmed foods – food that comes from mother earth that has been grown in the sun from the sun, that is plant based. I steer away from processed foods and I strive to eat naturally produced fresh food.  I believe if you can’t spell an ingredient that you are eating then don’t eat it.

I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth and I use to add a couple teaspoons of sugar to every cup of tea or coffee I had.  When you think about it over the day, weeks, months, years it add’s up to be a lot of extra unwanted calories.  After I lost 20+ kilos I soon realised that cutting out sugar in my cuppa’s was key.  I didn’t have a PT to help me lose this weight though it would have been nice.  I just simply made a commitment to myself that it was going to happen and I made it happen.

I believe that we all have the power within to change the way we feel.  If you want to lose weight than it has to come from within. Consistently showing up each day to be Active will make all the difference between having a goal and reaching your goal.
Spa it girl xoxo