15 FEEL GOOD things {to-do}

Rise and Shine
Beauties – it’s that time to Seize the day and raise your Energy and Feel Good vibes.

My only wish for you Today and everyday is to FEEL GOOD – there is nothing more pressing in this world than you feeling good.

Here are 15 Things you can do to FEEL GOOD – choose one or all of the things to do and let this be your To-DO-List:

1. Consider what makes you happy
Thoughts create emotions. Happy thoughts create happy emotions. It’s super simple but it’s so true – think about the things you love to do that make you happy. Just visualizing doing something that makes you happy is bound to make you actually feel happier in return.

2. Give gratitude
Gratitude is one of the most important practices. It’s easy to get caught in the cycle of negative thinking and eventually forgetting how good you actually have it. When you spend some time in the morning to list out 5 things you are grateful for, it shifts your whole mindset and your day becomes so much brighter.














3. Relax your body
Without physical relaxation, we breed stress and anxiety in our body. Make sure your daily routine includes self-care that allows you to relax your body. Whether it’s a massage, yoga, or a nice bath – relaxing your body is important ingredient to feeling positive every day.


4. Focus on breathing
Throughout the day, the more stress and to-do’s get put on our plates, the more anxiety heighten. We may not even realize that our breathing changes and becomes more shallow as we get stressed out. A really quick and simple tip is take a moment and notice your breathing. Is it shallow? Take some deeper breaths and let them out very slowly. Do this a couple of times and enjoy an increased feel of relaxation within minutes.













5. Don’t attach to your thoughts
Each day we create stories around the circumstances and events that surround us. Researchers say that we have about 60,000 thoughts per day! How exhausting is that? The less you attach to your thoughts and let them pass through without believing them and letting them affect you, the more likely you are to feel at peace and relaxed throughout the day.











6. Prepare a delicious breakfast
Instead of wasting your morning checking your Facebook feed, get yourself to the kitchen and prepare a beautiful delicious (and nutritious) breakfast. Protein pancakes anyone? Sunny side eggs? Perfection. Now, isn’t that so much better?














7. Establish a meditation practice
Making meditation a non-negotiable in your routine can be a real life-changer! Not only will you feel more peaceful and centered, you will feel more in tune with your body and your surroundings. Don’t worry if you aren’t a seasoned meditator yet. Meditation isn’t just sitting cross-legged humming “Ommmm” – you can do so much more, including dance meditation, mindfulness techniques, hypnosis, and more.























8. Go for a morning walk or run
Ahhh… endorphins! What better way to start the day than with these feel-good hormones? Go for a nice walk or run in the morning you will feel so good after it.

















9. Do an energizing yoga sequence
Another way to get some endorphins flowing in the morning is an energizing yoga sequence. Hop out of bed, roll out your mat and get bendy.














10. Play with your pets
Yes play with your beautiful pets.  It’s an instant feel good mood booster.  They offer unconditional love.  If you have a pet it can help you feel happier, and start the day off on a joyful note. I mean, it’s nearly impossible to be angry or sad after playing with your beloved pet.













11. Read an inspiring book or some of my previous blog posts
A nice part of your morning routine could be reading blogs you subscribe to and that inspire you. Reading something inspiring and motivating in the morning is bound to get you revved up and ready to tackle the day.


















12. Create a routine that includes morning self-care
Whatever that might be for you – meditation, yoga, reading, a walk, a green smoothie or cup of green tea… whatever it is, make sure you make it a part of your routine and something that is non-negotiable. After all having a great day is non-negotiable! The more you do this, the easier it will become.



















13. Look at something beautiful
A great way to shift your mood and become more peaceful and uplifted automatically is to look at something beautiful. Maybe it’s a flower, maybe it’s your husband or wife, partner maybe it’s a painting that’s hanging in your room… or head to my Inspiration Tab and click on the mood board there – whatever it is, take a minute or two just to appreciate its beauty. You’ll be amazed how quickly this tactic works to bring your mood way up.


















14. Ask yourself “How can I make this day amazing?”
It’s a simple question but it’s so powerful. By simply asking yourself “How can I make today amazing?” you make yourself realize that you are in control of how your day goes and how you feel about it. Then, do the things to make it amazing!










15. Smile regardless of how you might feel at first
Even if you feel like you want to stay in bed for the entire day and mope around, don’t. Smile to yourself. Better yet, look at yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself. My dad does this every single morning for a minute or two and he swears it changes his whole mood and outlook for the entire day. It’s worth a try.














{today & always}

Spa it girl xoxo


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