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Here is your Spa it girl GirlSelf LOVE workout.  I truly believe SELF LOVE needs to come from within.  Sure it’s great to want to workout and tone your butt but what is the point if you are if you are constantly putting yourself down and hating so many things about yourself. Negative self talk is only going to bring you down and make you can make you feel like sH*t – regardless of how many set’s of weights you did.

Not every thought you have about yourself is real.  So be careful when you choose your words {they come with great power and energy} what you say and think does become your reality.  If you are one to say out loud all the things you hate about yourself then you are attracting negative energy which long term can make you feel sick within.

So instead of thinking and saying out loud:  I hate my hips – change your thoughts and the words you speak to: I love my hips – the amount of positive energy you will be drawing into by loving yourself or the way you are will energise your Body, Mind and Soul.  If you are wanting to reach your weightloss goals then self love is key. You need to feed your spiritual being with as much positive energy as you possibly can as you where born from love, you are love, you may have just fallen out of love with yourself because you got influenced by other negative people and forces along the way.

Join me on a Spa it girl Self LOVE journey and try these 30 Self LOVE workouts:

1. Start each day by using I am’s – I am Beautiful, I am Loved, I am Amazing, I am Radiant, I am Light – make up your own I am’s every day and do them anywhere.

2. Drink plenty of water each day by keeping hydrated you will feel less fatigued and feel more energised and less inclined to over eat.

3. Be Active you don’t need to be a Muscle ripped goddess or a Victoria Secret Model all you simply need to do is get your own feel good endorphins pumping for you.

4 Don’t believe everything you think.  You may have created a pattern over the many things of the things you hate about yourself now is the time to knock that on the head and change your inner dialogue.  If you think I hate your hair your drawing in continual negative energy, take a big deep breathe let that thought slide on right past you and think to yourself I love my hair.

5. Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. Let them remind you just how amazing you are, or simply tune in each day to my Spa it girl facebook page :-)

6. Stop comparing yourself to others. There is no one on this planet like you, so you cannot fairly compare yourself to someone else. The only person you should compare yourself to is you.

7. End all toxic relationships. Seriously. Anyone who makes you feel anything less than amazing doesn’t deserve to be a part of your life.

8. Celebrate your wins no matter how big or small. Pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you have achieved.

9. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. If you are feeling a bit flat about your life and routine this is must – Zumba anyone?

10. Be grateful for who you are, appreciate yourself and Embrace and love the things that make you different. This is what makes you.

11. Realize that beauty cannot be defined. It is what you see it as. Don’t let any of those Photoshopped magazines make you feel like your body isn’t perfect. Even those models don’t look like that in real life.  It’s amazing what loads of make up, proper lighting, brilliant cameras, filters and technology can do this day if you have never seen a model in real life without all that make up you will be mighty surprised that things are not always what they seem.

12. Take time out to create space in your life, to calm your mind every day. Breathe in and out, clear your mind of your thoughts and just be.  Meditate.  Simply Be.

13. Follow your passion. You know that thing that gets you so excited so do them.

14. Be patient but persistent. Self-love is a challenging practice it take dedication each day show up to work on  your self love. Self Love is a life long journey so be kind and support yourself.

15. Be mindful of what you think, feel and want. Live your life in ways that truly reflect you and what you love to do.

16. Treat others with love and respect. It makes us feel better about ourselves when we treat others the way we hope to be treated.

17 Find something to be grateful for every day. It’s inevitable that you are going to have your down days. This is fine and very human of you. It’s especially important on these days to find at least one thing you are grateful for as it helps to shift your mind and energy around what’s going on.

18. Do things to nurture your body, mind, spirit – run a nice relaxing warm bath, read a book to pick up your spirits, have a coffee with a loving supportive friend.

19. Learn to say no. Saying no sometimes doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a smart person.  If you are totally exhausted from the week try not to over commit yourself on your days off.

19. Forgive yourself. You know that thing you did one time (or maybe a few times) that made you feel bad, embarrassed, ashamed? It’s time to let that go. You can’t change the things you have done in the past but you can control your future. Look at it as a learning experience and believe in your ability to change.

20. Write it down. Start Journalling about the way you feel, your thoughts, write them all down on a piece of paper, no matter how crazy, mean, sad, or terrifying they are. Write it in a journal and then let it go.

21. Turn off and inwards. Grab a cup of your favourite tea or drink then sit down for a few minutes on your own. No TV, No Social Media or distractions, just you. Think about the wonderful things that are happening in your life right now, what your dreams, what your goals are and then think about things you can do to work towards reaching your dreams and goals.

22. Give up the need for approval from others. You can be the best in the world at what you do but there are always going to be people who don’t get what you do or who you are.

23. Be realistic. There is no person on this earth that is happy every single moment of every single day. You know why? Because we are all human. We make mistakes, we feel emotions (good and bad) and this is OK. Allow yourself to be human.

24. Get creative and express yourself in whatever way you like. Feel free let yourself go in music, dance, singing, let the whole world pass you by even for one whole song. Let go.

25. Let go of past dramas and negative outcomes. When we let go of things that have happened to us it’s almost like a weight is lifted off our shoulders. We don’t have to carry that around with us anymore. You deserve better let go of what no longer serves you and what is not bringing you feel good positive energy and light.

26. Find your happy place. Mine is YOGA & Meditation – Where’s the one place you feel totally at ease, calm, happy, positive, high on life.  What’s your Happy Place? a travel destination or a gym workout?

27. The next time you are feeling happy and on top of the world make a list of what is making you so happy in that moment, then look back on your list when you’re having a bit of flat down day.

28. Get in touch with your inner self. If it’s anything less than loving, encouraging and supportive, it’s time to make a change. You deserve to be spoken to in the same way you would speak to your best friends and gorgeous family and friends.

29. Have fun! Get out there and do the things that excite you. Enjoy being you because this can make the difference between loving your life and hating your life.

30. Fall in LOVE with yourself each and every waking day.  You are a precious gift, you are beautiful, you have a loving heart and soul so be truly grateful for who you are right here right now.

I would love to hear how you go with your Spa it girl SELF LOVE workout so stay connected by *clicking here

“Love yourself from the inside out – now that’s real beauty”

“you don’t need to be like anyone else – you only need to be yourself ”

“fall in love with yourself first before anyone else”

“if you think you need to look like someone else think again”

“you are more than your body image your kind loving spirit is more powerful than any body image”

Yvette aka Spa it girl xoxo


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“Just be yourself, not everyone is going to like that but who cares it’s all about how you feel about yourself, what you think about yourself, be your own best friend and love yourself, then no one’s else negative thoughts or energy about you or towards you will ever matter you have the LOVE within so get ready to tap into it and use it” Yvette Le Blowitz aka Spa it girl



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