5 CORE EXERCISES {you can do anywhere}

Start off with a Balancing {Warrior 3} pose bring your knee up & in then kick back your leg {alternate sides}.

Slide Plank: body strong, core pulled in, open up to one side & stretch up through your shoulders & chest {alternate sides}.

Plank: stomach strong bring your knee into your elbow and then kick back {alternate sides}

Jump: your legs out and back, keep your back flat and stomach pulled in.  Stay Strong & Breathe a lot.

Alternate Side Knee Tucks – start out in a plank position then alternate your knee side to side bring it in to your elbow’s.


SPA it girl: “If you are weak in your core – then doing core exercises might not be your favourite thing – I know all to well as core strength has been an area for me that I have always struggled in.  Probably because it hurt so much and I felt so weak and all I could feel when I was holding a plank was my abs shaking, trembling like an earthquake.  I have now learnt however the only way to get stronger – is by actually doing core work – the more you work your core – the stronger you will get in time – don’t expect for it to happen instantly.  Just roll out your yoga mat and put in a little effort in each week and over time you will start to see your core strength build ” Yvette aka – Spa it girl xoxo