It’s hard to believe I use to be 25+ kilos heavier.  My life didn’t quite go to plan and I turned to emotional eating.  I am fairly certain I was addicted to SUGAR & Cadbury Chocolate Family Size blocks. Eating for me at the time was not about nourishing myself – it was about numbing my emotional pain and the stress I was feeling inside.  When doing every day things like tying up my own shoe laces, going for a walk, finding clothes that fit me was becoming more difficult I thought enough is enough.  People who knew me would always tell me how great I looked even though I was 25+kilos heavier than I normally was – but I love kids because they say it how it is – my little niece once asked me: Aunty are you Pregnant? I mean who could blame her I actually looked like it. All I could say in response was: NO Aunty  just LOVES her food.  But really deep down I felt so unhealthy, overweight, f*t with not a lot of energy {that’s the honest truth}.

I knew deep down that what I was doing in my day to day life was no longer serving me my highest good why –  because I felt like utter CRAP.  I came to a point that I thought enough is enough I need to sort myself out. I went to see my local doctor and that was my turning point after his assessment he told me if I continued down this road I was at risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes and the list went on and on it didn’t sound like anything to click my heels at.  From that very moment I choose to take care of myself every single day and I knew I now needed to put my own needs before other people.  Do you want to know what the irony is now that same Doctors says to me: I don’t want you to get to skinny you are now a Healthy Body Weight make sure you eat a lot while you are working out. I know that if I didn’t choose to live a Healthy, Active, Positive life that I wouldn’t be the person I am today {nor} Australia’s One and Only Active Living Blogger who hasn’t always fitted into Skinny Jeans.   A lot of you have personally asked me what are some you can do to help you on your own weight loss journey.  I am going to say first visit your Doctor and talk about your weight concerns {that’s a must you want to make sure you are truly medically over weight and at risk and not just being to hard on yourself} whatever the outcome it is always best to check in with your local Doctor as your Health is everything?  I can only talk about my weight loss experience – which doesn’t mean it will work for everyone of you but you can at least try some of the things I did which was: CUT THE CRAP what does that mean?

  • drop the excuses as to why you can’t exercise {no excuse is acceptable} start out small even with a 5 min walk than gradually build up your walk {that’s now I did it} now I can run up Hills.
  • ditch adding teaspoons of sugar to your tea & coffee – when I was asked if I wanted sugar with that I would say no I am trying to lose all that added sugar {lol}
  • drink plenty of water sometimes you might think you are hungry when you are really just thirsty
  • deal with stress by practicing  yoga, meditation, massages, listening to relaxation music, journalling your feelings, talking about your problems with a professional counsellor.
  • make exercise exciting catch up with friends,  get a fit bit, try one of my favourite food & exercise app’s and just have fun with it don’t take it to serious but aim to move every day.

I could keep going on and on but if you want to receive more CUT THE CRAP Spa it girl tips than subscribe to my Spa it Girl newsletter you can do this by visiting my home page and looking down in the left hand corner.  If you subscribe I will send you some more handy tips that I believe anyone can do. I had no money for a Personal Trainer but I believe that I could do it get fit, healthy and happy again.  I believe that if you want to change your life and the way you feel you can too. I truly believe that how we eat mirrors how we are feeling within so it’s always good to check in with yourself and ask a few simple questions like: am I eating to nourish myself or is it for pleasure, is it for indulgence or as a treat,  or to numb my emotional pain and stress I am going through?  Good Question’s I know but only you truly will know the answers so be true to yourself and check in.  Are you your best Healthy, Happy, Loving, Positive Self? Or do you need to put in a little bit more effort each day.  All you can do is try your best.

LOVE & LIGHT always
Spa it girl xoxo



SO YOU FEEL GOOD {most of the time}