When you woke up this morning did you look in the Mirror and see what you LOVED or what you HATED about yourself?  If your first thought of the day was of Self HATE than sadly you are off to Negative Start to the day.  It is easy to fall into a state of self hate as living in these times can be very challenging, especially when it comes to Social Media and the world we live in as we are constantly bombarded with images of: drop dead gorgeous people with 6 pack abs, super hot trim and toned bikini bodies – who are not afraid to pull their bikini pant’s right up their arse.  It seems we are fast becoming a world fixated on vanity body image {or at least it seems like that some days}.

From a young age we learn that in order to be popular, famous –  we need to be a look a certain way: tall, skinny, twiggy, lanky, 6 pack abs, not an ounce of fat, perfect straight teeth, skin, hair, make up, clothes.  It’s important to know that even though you might be chasing an ideal body doesn’t mean that when you reach it or not reach it it will bring you true happiness.  When we focus just our physical body we can lose touch with our spiritual being this can than create an imbalance in ourselves and be the trigger to so much unhappiness.  Our thoughts towards ourselves are so powerful so make sure you choose them wisely.  Choose to LOVE YOURSELF not HATE YOURSELF.  Choose Positive Self Talk over Negative Self Talk this could make the very difference to feeling great and feeling not so great.

Living in a world of pure body image vanity does not always serve our highest good.  So it’s important to stay grounded and to bring your attention right back to your breathe and to stay connect within yourself Body, Mind and Spirit and not to get carried away and to start believing every self hate thought you have about yourself.  By being truly present and by loving yourself it will help your Self Hate thoughts quieten down and it will help you to feel more at peace within.

Every morning when you wake up in look in the mirror and see yourself: I want you to stand there and look at yourself and take your thoughts head on – think about one that you really love about yourself and to focus on that. Say it out loud or simply within.  I really want you to work hard on cultivating self loving thoughts towards yourself and to acknowledge that when a self hate thought arises it is no longer acceptable to believe it as it is not true.  Choose not to hate yourself – Choose to Love Yourself each waking day.

By Choosing to fall in love with yourself all over again – you will raise your inner and outer positive loving energy, vibrations and feel so much happier about yourself. You will become more confident with who you truly are and within your own skin.

For the Whole Month of October: I would love for you to Join OUR:  Daily #SPAitgirl SELF LOVE Body Image #Challenge which is simply this:

**Wake up each morning –  look in the Mirror and think about one thing that you LOVE about yourself.  See it, Feel it, Love it – than Repeat: It is OK to BE ME as I am Beautiful.

Each day discover something new that you love yourself as this daily ritual is all about being grateful for who you are, as you are right here right now.  It’s all about embracing that you don’t need to achieve an ideal body weight or image to LOVE yourself from within.  Give yourself a Big Hug, Blow yourself a Kiss – LOVE YOURSELF.

We can often fall out of love with ourselves because we simply stop loving ourselves.  We can get fixated on all the things we hate about ourselves and forget about all the amazing beautiful things about ourselves.Whenever you find yourself having a Negative Thought throughout the day towards yourself simply Change that Thought around – it will feel like a bit of a mind thought wrestle but it can be done – as an example if you think: I hate by Fat Stomach  change it to: I choose to Love My Stomach along with pure loving positive thoughts of: I choose to love myself, I love being me, I choose to love myself first before anyone else, I am fine just the way I am, I love the colour of my eyes, I love my Body Shape feed your soul.

I would love to hear how your Daily #SPAitgirl Self LOVE October Challenge goes so send me an email at or a facebook message at Spa it girl I would love to hear if by making the time to love yourself each day makes you feel loved within – I truly believe it will {but I would love to hear it from you}.

Remember if you don’t LOVE yourself – then no one else will.  True LOVE must firstly come from within.  Why would you want to be like anyone else other than yourself? ask yourself that question? get in touch with your true inner beauty and embrace and love who you are.

Spa it girl xoxo

source: {spa it girl}