It’s only human nature to compare yourself to others especially when you look through your Social Media news feed.   We may often think we have to look a certain way, act a certain way and have things done by a certain age – but guess what: {WE DON’T}.  If you want to make peace with yourself than the first thing you must do is stop comparing yourself to others and secondly believe that you are enough just the way you are right here and right now.  Once you accept who you are and how you are you will never feel under pressure to be like anyone else.

Here are a few reasons why you should stop comparing yourself:

Everyone has a different body shape, a different type of hair, a different style and are different heights; different parents.  Be grateful for who you are and at that very moment you see someone you admire, fine admire but don’t compare yourself be truly grateful for who you are and how you are. Understand and accept that you are different from anyone else, and being different is a beautiful thing.

So you are looking through your facebook news feed and all you see is pictures of your happily married friends posting pictures of their beautiful cute children who only ever seem to smile and never cry it’s important to put everything into perspective and realise that behind the scenes all kids scream, cry and at times drive their parents up the wall. So if you are their one and only single friend right now they probably wish they where you.   Most people only want to capture the good times on their facebook page and not that bad times but who could blame them no one ever looks good in a photo fighting about whose turn it is to do the dishes. 

We get bombarded with images on social media every day of the ideal “style” or “weight” “arse” “legs” “arms” and we are convinced that in order to be popular and to gain lots of followers we must be exactly like that to be accepted. I am here to tell you there is no ideal style, weight, face, arse, legs, arms it’s all made up in people’s heads – it is merely a perception a thought.  The sooner you begin to love and accept yourself the better because how you feel about yourself has to come from within not from comparing yourself to anyone else.

Another reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others is because it lowers your self esteem. When you see women that are thin as rails and you have a little meat on your bones, you can really start to get down on yourself and your self esteem can take a bit hit.  This is not good for anyone’s health so start to practice self acceptance, self love daily and say out aloud every time you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else – I LOVE myself for who I am right here right now.

You are you and there is only one you – embrace it! Be proud of your super straight hair, your body shape and size after all this is what makes you, so embrace it and be proud of who you are.

“Be Yourself”
Spa it girl xoxo