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“As Australia’s original SPA “IT” Girl I have handpicked: endota spa at Airlie Beach Peppers for Spa it girl’s & boy’s to visit in 2016″
Yvette Le Blowitz aka Spa it girl @SPAitgirl

If you have never heard of endota spa before that’s ok I will give you a quick run down:  The word endota means? beautiful in Indigenous Australia.  endota spa was started by two friends Belinda Fraser and Melanie Gleeson who had a dream to create a down to earth, ah-inspiring Australian Day Spa experience they opened their very first endota spa in 2000 at Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia the two very clever spa girls Belinda and Melanie introduced  down to earth Aussie organic, beauty, skincare, spa treatments.  I personally have loved watching their endota spa dream grow ever since they first started.  It’s amazing to see how many endota spa’s there are now right across Australia.  We Aussie girl’s & boy’s do love to visit our Day Spa’s.

Why did I choose endota spa at Airlie Beach? Because it’s the gateway to Australia’s most Beautiful Islands and Whitehaven Beach.  Plus it’s very dear to my heart as my Mum and I use to visit Airlie Beach, WhiteHaven Beach and cruise around the Whitsunday Island nearly every year. Airlie Beach is also one of Australia’s busiest backpacker towns and that can sometimes be a turn of to the more luxurious spa junkie traveller, however if you venture out of the party town’s main street and go up the hill a little you can stay at Peppers Resort Airlie Beach they have an on-site Restaurant, Bar, outdoor Spa & Pool with water views, plus one bedroom spa bath rooms that is big enough for 2 people to actual sit in, plus more importantly an endota spa on site which offers down to earth Aussie Organic Day Spa treatments.

What did I choose from their Spa Menu? endotarama a mini spa package. 1 hour + 45 minutes. Footbath, half hour organic facial and half hour massage cost $185 (mon to sat)

So what did SPA “IT” GIRL think? The first thing I noticed was the lovely outdoor lounge area which had a mix of relaxation lounge chairs, palms and one very cute endota spa old fashion cycle bike as soon as I stepped through the door I sensed the calm, chilled, beautiful down to earth Aussie Day Spa tempo it was just so nice being greeted by my Beautiful Spa Therapist Linz and her amazing team who all looked so happy to be there and they all had glowing skin. I had the biggest to-do-list on arrival to endota spa but as soon as I was offered a nice cup of tea it was like what to-do-list – I totally forget about it as it was just about Spa it Girl time and all I could think is WOW ME – The next 1 and 45 minutes was going to be my Spa it Girl time aka Me Time where I get to switch completely off from all of the worlds distractions and social media news feeds which as a blogger is a huge thing going social media free.

Yvette Le Blowitz - Australia's SPA "IT" GIRL at endota spa Airlie Beach

Yvette Le Blowitz aka Australia’s SPA “IT” GIRL visits endota spa in Airlie Beach Peppers – Australia

My endotarama spa treatment was a combination of a footpath, with a massage then to finish it off it had a mini facial. My spa therapist was Linz a true gem because she took the time to go through everything and she got me really excited about what was yet to come. I inhaled 3 oils and I had to choose which ever one I was most drawn.  I chose the lemon and sage scent it must have been just what my body, mind and soul needed at the time and that is the oil that Linz used for my massage. With all the active living I do my feet really did need a good foot scrub so Linz used coconut husk and coffee to stimulate and cleanse my feet then she gave me a foot massage using avocado and mint to nourish my skin and enhance my circulation and it was so relaxing and go me into to the day spa mood. After this beautiful food scrub I was totally ready to surrender to the world.

Before I got ready to step of our my chair and then lay down on the spa bed Linz took the time to actually check the Moisture of my Skin which I was totally blown away by this as I have had so many Facials in the past at Holiday Destinations however Linz was the very first Spa Therapist and Day Spa who actually was interested in checking my Moisture levels.  From that Linz was able to tell me how much moisture I had in my skin and was then able to tailor the facial to suit my own skin and needs.  After my moisture check I was totally ready to lay down and drift away to the smoothing relaxation music and Linz’s soothing calming relaxation massage hands.  It didn’t take long to realise that I had built up tension in my neck and shoulders even still with all the yoga and mediation I do.  But that was ok as Linz was able to work her magic and massage all of the tension out for me.  I loved how instead of Linz working just on one leg at a time which is usually what I experience during most of my relaxation massages.  Linz was able to work her way up one side of my body from top to bottom and it had this really nice somewhat yoga magical spiritual soothing flow to it. I found it to be totally calming.  Linz without a doubt was such a highly trained a very talented amazing Spa Therapist {her Mum & Dad} would be very proud of her {& Friends} as she was just flawless in everything she did. After all my tension was massaged out and I was feeling totally relaxed it was time to roll over and to have my 30 minute endota organic facial which was absolutely beautiful what more can I say other than you have to try this package – because at the end of my facial Linz check my moisture levels and was able to increase them by a considerable amount so it left my skin feeling radiant and glowing.  I too felt totally relaxed and at peace Body, Mind and Spirit and my skin felt so moisturised and clean.  I honestly didn’t have a care in the world and I felt reconnected again.  That is why I love visiting Day Spa’s because of the way it makes me feel. It’s just so good for your physical, emotional, mental and wellbeing that I think anyone can benefit from a beautiful nurturing day spa treatment.  At the end I got to meet and hang out with some other Spa it Girl’s who where also visiting the endota spa at Airlie Beach and that was lots of fun.  As I sipped on my nicely chilled glass of water in the endota spa Airlie Beach relaxation lounge area all I could think is I never want this feeling of wellness and happiness to end.

A big thanks: to Linz and her amazing endota spa Airlie Beach team for making my Spa it Girl visit a really beautiful experience.   I can’t wait to see you next time I am visiting Airlie Beach.

my endota spa Airlie Beach therapist Linz & a special thanks to another Spa it Girl for modelling her leg

my endota spa Airlie Beach therapist Linz & a special thanks to another Spa it Girl for modelling her leg you’re the best.


Spa it girl’s & Boy’s: If you want to book your very own endota Airlie Beach spa treatment **CLICK HERE

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Yvette Le Blowitz
aka Spa it girl xoxo

Reviewed by: Yvette Le Blowitz
Australia’s: SPA “IT” Girl
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