febfast: 29 day Detox

Want to Detox? Then try a febfast 29 day Alcohol free or Sugar free Detox.

febfast is a 29 day detox challenge that will benefit your own health and wellbeing and also disadvantaged young people in Australia.

If you tend to reach for a bottle of wine when you want to unwind and it’s just become a lifestyle habit, than I have put together a list of alternative things you can do during the month of February when you choose to detox and go alcohol free.  Check out my below list  {then print it out and place it either on your fridge or carry it around in your handbag}.  Use this list as a gentle reminder when you feel the urge to pour yourself an alcohol drink.

What can you do instead of drinking?

Move It:
Go for Walk and listen to your favourite up beat music
Practice Yoga and re-connect with yourself again
Go to the Gym and do an Aerobics Class
Stretch a little and try to touch your toes
Make time to Swim
Take up Skipping

Create space in your busy Mind and meditate
Connect with your breath by focusing inwards
Run a warm bath or take a nice long shower
Read a beautiful feel good book
Flick through your favourite magazine
Sip on a nice cup of relaxation tea
Book in a Day Spa treatment
Go for a Pedicure

Watch a funny comedy movie or tv show
Hula Hoop to music
Dance and Sing out loud
Watch some funny youtube clips
Phone a friend that always makes you laugh
Instead of getting stressed over something choose laugh instead
Try a Yoga Laughter class to help make you laugh

• Fresh Filtered water; add a hint of lemon or lime
• Each time you feel like pouring yourself a glass of wine; have a glass of sparkling mineral water instead
• Drink Tea; green, black, herbal any kind of tea
• Drink Australian Owned and Made Fruit Juices
• Make your own healthy fresh smoothies; try my green smoothie recipe: Fresh spinach, celery, cucumber, green apples, green grapes put all the ingredients together in a blender and blend it.


I love being an Australian Active Living Blogger and a febfast Ambassador at heart.  I love the way going Alcohol free makes me feel.  When you finish your febfast 29 day Alcohol Detox you will know what I mean.  To take up this year’s febfast challenge *CLICK HERE

Sending you lots of LOVE, LIGHT and positive vibes

Yvette Le Blowitz
aka Spa it girl
Active Living Blogger
instagram @Spaitgirl