HOW TO DETOX {the simple way}












Party people..…..are you ready….TO DETOX!! If so….put your hands up in the Air and LET’s DETOX TOGETHER.

After all that Christmas, New Year, Holiday partying, eating, drinking and sleepless nights it’s time to get rid of all of those unwanted toxins we are still carrying around with us.

Here are 10 ways to rid toxins from your life so you can feel Healthy, Fit and Glowing again:

  1. Stay hydrated: Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of clean, not-too-cold water every day is one of the best things you can do to detox and purify your body in a natural way.
  2. Eat clean: Try to stick to organic, pesticide-free foods, and eliminate antibiotics and hormones from your diet.
  3. Meditate: Find time for stillness in your day to cleanse your mind and improve your ability to handle stress.
  4. Move your body: Getting regular exercise is an important step to staying healthy and strong. Whether you enjoy light exercise like yoga or walking, or like to get your heart pumping by running or dancing, build an exercise routine that you’re excited about to make sure you keep it consistent.
  5. Supplement with Multi-Vitamins: Eating a balanced diet rich with fruits and vegetables is important, but taking it a step further maybe what you need also. Try adding vitamins and minerals to help process the toxins and to help give you those extra nutrients and energy you may need.
  6. Add heat: Break a sweat and hit the sauna or steam room … sweating is a great way build heat and eliminate toxins from your body.

  7. Avoid processed foods, caffeine and alcohol: Try to stay away from ingredients you can’t pronounce, white flour and sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to assist your body’s capacity to process toxins.
  8. Quit a bad habit: Are you a smoker? Pack rat? Chronically sleep deprived? In a bad relationship? Toxins come into our lives in many forms. Consider if you’re participating in any unhealthy patterns or holding onto anything that no longer serves you, and find a way to limit those things in your life.
  9. Regulate and eliminate: Healthy digestive function is important to keep your body eliminating the toxins you build up in the body. If you find you’re “stuck in an elimination rut” and not balanced or eliminating naturally, address those concerns with a health care provider.

“In 2016 become the person you want to be – not should be” Yvette Le Blowitz aka Spa it girl xoxo




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