5 things to DO this WEEK


There is nothing worse than getting up on a Monday Morning with only a few hours of sleep. Make sure you go to bed early and set your alarm so you can rise and shine early. Allow enough time for a little bit of morning exercise and other beautiful rituals before you have to go to work.

You have got about 2 or 3 hours before you have to go to work so make this time – your time. Set your goals of what you want to achieve should that be a run or a walk along the river, gym class, a morning yoga class whatever you choose when you exercise first thing in the morning it will help give you an energy boost and pump those feel good endorphins through you which will make you feel so much better and help you get over the weekend blues.  Set your morning workout intention and go for it.  Give it your best and enjoy how you feel after your workout.

It’s always nice to have a ‘thing’ you do each morning.  Create a morning ritual that you love to do, make the time to either sit down and have a nice cup of tea, or to touch your toes, or to make your kids breakfast before they have to go to school,  whatever you choose to do make sure you love and enjoy your morning ritual and find joy in the simple things.

Put your Health First before you sit down and start checking your emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter social media feeds. It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of social media (as an Active Living Blogger I know all to well)  before you know it the whole morning has gone and you have done nothing except check your social media feeds and that can leave you with no time to exercise before work, or time to do you make up properly or even to pack a healthy lunch for work.  Try to look at your social media feed during your lunch break, or if you wish after work when your day is done and dusted and your sitting on the bus making your way home after work.  Think of all the things you say you never have time to do and do that before checking your social media feeds. Choose to do more important things in your life above and beyond always looking down at your smart phone and getting a sore neck.

Nourish yourself with a Healthy Breakfast, pack your lunch and have some healthy snacks on hand.  Keep it simple and eat fresh natural fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed foods.  Do you best to drink lots of water and to ditch all of the comfort foods – comfort food in the end turns out to be not so comfortable as after you eat it, quite often it will make you feel sick then you will feel bad about yourself for eating crap junk food.  Comfort food can also lead to weight gain and then it can become a vicious cycle.  If you are struggling with eating clean start to write down in a journal or note book what is bothering you, go to the core of your emotional pain and let it pour out while you put your emotions to pen and paper.  The next time you want to go to the shop to buy emotional food to ease the pain take 20 big deep breathes and then get a pen and paper and journal what is going on within.  Also say the Mantra outloud or within: I choose to overcome my emotional stress through self love.  Then if you have time go for a nice walk, cup of coffee or tea, or run a warm bath and soak in it, pop on a face mask, paint your toe nails, or ring a friend that makes you feel good.  Choose to swap emotional eating for something else and start to heal your emotions through self love over comfort junk food.

Have a Beautiful Day
#Spaitgirl xoxo