Cameron Diaz Makeup Free Selfie


Cameron Diaz is such a #SPAITGIRL at heart – I love how Cameron Diaz has posted a makeup free selfie holding up her brand new Longevity Book.

It’s not very often you actually see a Celebrity go makeup free I think Cameron Diaz is so brave doing this as it sends a really powerful positive message that it’s ok to go makeup free and to show off your puffy eyes, wrinkles and beautiful eyes & smile you are still beautiful.

At the age of 43 Cameron Diaz looks amazing and while some celebrities aren’t to bothered about helping other people, Cameron Diaz is as she loves to inspire girls and women to love themselves and to choose healthy natural living.  Her latest Longevity Book is all about explaining the ageing process and the things you can do to live your most Healthiest, Happiest ageing life.

When I started the #SPAITGIRL movement I simply wanted everyone to love themselves even when they had no make up on.  I wanted #SPAITGIRLS to age naturally through health, happy, active living.   So as you can imagine I am super excited to share with you Cameron Diaz’s words of wisdom when it comes to Healthy, Happy, Ageing living:

What is your Favorite Vegetable?
I love every green veggie, including zucchini, broccoli, chard and Brussels sprouts.

What is your Favorite Fruit?
Green avocado

Favorite way to break a sweat?
The best way to sweat is—no pun intended—whatever moves you.

What is your Favorite healthy place to eat?
My kitchen.

How do you de-stress and practice self-care?
I try to meditate every day.

What’s your favorite way to escape and get some nature?
Wherever I am, I just walk outside and head for the trees, the water, the hills.

What’s the biggest takeaway you learned from writing your book?
That the best way to age is to live! And to live a long life, it’s quite simple: move your body, eat wholesome foods, sleep, make good friends and relieve stress.

If you could go back in time and give advice to your 20-something self, what would it be?
Trust your gut, and take care of it.

What does wellth and success mean to you?
Living life to the fullest.

Any advice for someone who’s looking to build a life that they love and follow their passion?
Proceed with an open mind and let your heart lead the way.