It’s only 4 days to go until Beyonce’s Brand New Activewear and Athleisure brand Ivy Park goes on sale at TopShop.

Beyonce got her Activewear brand IVY PARK inspiration from growing up as a child and having her dad knock on her door in the morning to tell her it was time to go running even if she didn’t feel like it because she was tired she would have to wake up and would go running in IVY PARK –  “I remember wanting to stop, but I would push myself to keep going.”

Beyonce truly believes that by going running first thing in the morning that it taught her determination, dedication, commitment, that it gave her time to dream, to be a role model to her younger sister and it taught her not to quit even when the running got hard.

“Beyonce’s Activewear IVY PARK Brand message is all about “PURPOSE over PERFECTION which I personally love”.  If there is anyone who is comfortable in her own skin and her embraces the size and shape of her body it is Beyonce so just when you were about to get down on yourself for having bigger shaped hips, butt’s, thigh’s don’t – love who you are ”  “No matter what your size, shape, or fitness level you are embrace it and always put your purpose over perfection – I really love this powerful positive message” Yvette Le Blowitz – Active Living Blogger founder of @Spaitgirl

Here is Beyonce’s video clip about IVY PARK and how it still gives her strength:



Pictures/Video: IVY PARK + TopShop
Source: TopShop, Spa it girl