How to MOTIVATE yourself to exercise

Ok #SPAITGIRLS what do you do when it start’s feeling like Winter and all you want to do is not go to work and stay in bed? One of our #SPAITGIRLS from Canberra shared with me that it’s starting to get rather cold in the morning’s and she no longer feels like exercising before work anymore.  So with that in mind #SPAITGIRLS I wanted to share with you things you can do to Motivate Yourself to Exercise {even if it feels like Winter} here goes……………you can do it……

Get yourself an exercise buddy so you can motivate each other. You’ll be far less inclined to cancel a workout if you’re letting someone else down too. It could also encourage you to try new things, because let’s face it, turning up to a brand new exercise class or activity can be quite intimidating on your own.

Choose exercise that is fun and makes you feel good.  Try a Zumba class, Belly Dancing, anything that you find is fun and makes you laugh basically. Use the weekend’s to go on a long, energetic walk and just think at least you won’t be feeling all hot and bothered make your workouts fun.

While it may be easy to curl up on the sofa with a takeaway, safe in the knowledge that a few extra pounds is easily hidden by a big woolly jumper, exercising in the winter months can be even more important than in the summer. Regular exercise keeps your immune system strong so you’ll be ready to fight off any nasty seasonal bugs. It’ll also keep those pesky winter blues at bay; it’s easy to get down in the dumps when it’s grey, cold and miserable outside but getting your heart rate up is a natural way to boost your energy and feel good endorphins.

Dress the part if you are not wearing the right clothing you are basically going to hate training outside or even getting from your car to the gym front door.  If you’re running or walking outdoors in winter, you’ll need to stay warm and visible, so buy yourself to some good running tights, a thermal top and a reflective jacket, it’s all about layering and wearing the right workout gear.  It’s amazing when you feel warm how much it helps motivate you to brave the cold and to step outside.

There are lots of fitness apps on the market that can provide inspiration and tips as well as motivation. Download Daily Cardio Workout or Daily Ab Workout for hundreds of exercises that you can do at home; or the Seven Minute Workout App which takes you through seven-minutes of high-intensity body weight exercise. There are so many apps out there so choose one that suits you best.

Research shows that listening to music you love while working out can help you to push yourself harder than you normally would and burn 15% more calories. So on one of the nights that you can’t quite face it, build yourself an awesome playlist. Don’t listen to it beforehand, but instead get excited to play it during your workout and have some uninterrupted time with your favourite tunes.

Aiming for an end goal can push you up and off the sofa: fear of failure is a motivating thing. You might like to sign up for a 5K or 10km run, a half or full marathon, a triathlon simply so you have a goal to work towards.  There are so many goals you could choose like working on your back bends in yoga, or being able to do 50 burps without quitting what ever the goal is, choose it and stick to it, once you achieve that goal during winter, choose another one, setting goals will keep you motivated during winter and throughout the year really.

Try to avoid unhealthy highly processed foods sure it might be cold but you can still choose to nourish yourself with healthy hearty chicken and vegetable soups as we tend to spend more time indoors during winter it’s a really good time to start cooking, baking healthy food {I will continue to post recipe ideas to – to help with motivating you in this area also}.

If you are struggling to work out before work and you can’t seem to overcome your negative mind set, then try to exercise at a different time like during your lunchtime when it feels a little bit warmer or after work.  Winter is the time for long hot baths right? So, while you’re waiting for the bath to run do a set of squats, a set of tricep dips on the side of the bath and some planking. Walk up the escalators in the train station or take the stairs.  It is so easy to remain indoors during winter so try some youtube workouts, youtube yoga, or exercise workout DVDS and join into any of my LIVE SPAITGIRL workout events via my Spa it Girl facebook page.  Adapt to the day, your mood and find away to exercise that suits you.

Whether it’s reformer pilates, the tango or taekwondo, learning a new exercise-based skill can keep things interesting. Lack of motivation can often come from boredom, so switching things up and trying something new will hopefully make you excited to expend some energy, rather than doing anything to avoid it. Nervous to try it on your own? Then use winter as the time to overcome your fears of trying something completely new.

It’s one way to escape the winter blues, plus who doesn’t want to go on holidays to a tropical destination were you can lounge around the pool all day in your swimwear.  When you have a Summer Holiday on your mind it will help motivate you to work out because you know you can’t hide underneath the layers of clothing and big overcoats.

Take photos of yourself working out in the cold and upload them onto your social media feeds and hashtag #SPAITGIRL @Spaitgirl by sharing your Winter Workout Inspiration you will not only be motivating yourself but other’s along the way.  Follow other’s who motivate you it might an activewear company that posts non stop inspiration and motivation to workout, an active wear founder, your PT, a gym, a health and fitness magazine, an Aussie Active Living Blogger called Spa it Girl…. who ever it is and whatever source it is follow those who make you feel good and who motivate you to get out of bed each day to live your best Healthiest and Happiest Active life.   If you haven’t liked Australia’s Active Living Blogger Facebook Page then you can do so by searching for Spa it Girl on Facebook or on instagram @Spaitgirl these are 2 really great social media ways to stay connected to Australia’s ACTIVE IT GIRL: Yvette Le Blowitz as Winter is the Prime time when you need that little extra Active Living Blogger Inspiration.


“You Can Do it #SPAITGIRL Work Out When it’s Feeling Like Winter & FEEL GOOD”  “Going into the colder months can be a real challenge, but if you set your goals, focus on your intentions, surrounded yourself with positive friends, family and inspirations you can overcome the Winter Blues, Be Active, Healthy and Happy”  “As a Spa it Girl I think it’s also the Best Time to Start Visiting the Day Spa’s on the Weekend’s I mean if you have to spend more time indoors why not spend it visiting a Luxury Day Spa and using the warm spa baths, sauna, and getting a hot stone massage it sounds like the perfect #SPAITGIRL thing to do”  Yvette Le Blowitz @Spaitgirl

Spa it girl xoxo


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