#SPAITGIRL takes you on her Gwinganna Wellness Journey

If you feel like you are in need of some serious ME TIME and you need a total BREAK then set a date to:  visit Gwinganna  my favourite #SPAITGIRL Aussie Health and Wellness Retreat.

Gwinganna is located in Queensland at the Gold Coast in the Tallebudgera Valley [Australia].  It’s an easy to find 1hr 15 min drive from the Brisbane Airport or a 30 minute drive from the Gold Coast Airport, Gwinganna also offer Courtesy Transport from the Gold Coast Airport.

Gwinganna is a stand out Eco Certified Lifestyle Retreat who love to take care of the environment, producing their own organic fresh ingredients that get handpicked eat day from their organic gardens daily then taken straight up to the kitchen so they can prepare the most amazing tasty delicious Gwinganna Organic Meal.

Going to Gwinganna is all about re-connecting with yourself, loving yourself, nurturing yourself, re-energising yourself and taking time out for yourself so you can focus your attention inwards.  At Gwinganna you are encouraged to let go of all the stress, tension and even your mobile phone as they want you truly to disconnect from the outside world and give your mind, body, spirit the much needed break it deserves.

Each day you will feel inspired to wake up in the morning and to practice Qi Gong a form of Tai Chi while the sun is rising to participate in either a Yoga, Stretch, Boxing Spin Class, or a beautiful bush walk, a gym session and the options of wellness workouts goes on and on however if you don’t fancy working out and all you want to do is sleep in then that is ok to as everything on the program is optional you get to pick and choose what you want to do and no one tells you what you need to do you simply tune into what you feel that you would like to do or need to do.

When it comes to nurturing yourself at Gwinganna they offer a really great amount of time to stop doing to simply being.  They have a daily Gwinganna Dreamtime Ritual which is when you get to choose how you want to spend your time relaxing, or doing the things for yourself that you normally wouldn’t have the time to do, it be anything from reading a book in your room, enjoying a nice cup of tea, going on your own healing walk, a swim in the pool, a nanna nap or a visit to the Gwinganna Spa that offers 33 Spa Treatment rooms, plus a Spa Wellness and Holistic Menu like no other, they offer so many different Spa Therapies from their Unique Gwinganna Experiences, to Organic Facials, Hand and Foot Therapies, Body Rituals, Massage Therapy, Eastern Therapies, Ayurveda Aromatherapy, Speciality Therapies like Reiki Crystal Healing, to Stress and Emotional Wellbeing, even Equine Experience as working alongside horses can be a really healing thing to do, plus insightful options like Soul Path Reading with an psychic medium who channels information about your blockages and what you need to work through in order to reach your full potential.

During my Gwinganna Dreamtime I practiced my own soulful yoga, I took the time to meditate, to savour my beautiful herbal tea, to slow down, to go on a nice walk, plus a look around their on-site store, I went for a swim, I visited the Wellness Centre.  I chose to stop stressing about how my mobile phone doesn’t work so I could truly immerse myself into the Gwinganna experience. And of course I visited the Gwinganna Spa on-site so I could really have a proper body, mind, spirit break.  These are a couple of the Spa Treatments I tried:

Abhyang Fusion a holistic treatment that combined hot compresses for my face and feet and a full body massage.  My Spa Therapist was Lisa, she seriously was like some Spiritual Goddess I could feel her feel good positive spiritual radiant presence.  Lisa’s spirit and nature was so Beautiful and she instantly made me feel at peace, I loved how she went through everything and explained what healing journey I was about to embark on.  Lisa was able to relax me and slow down my busy blogging mind and through the use of Subtle Energies Ayurveda Aromatherapy amazing products and her own sheer talent and touch, Lisa was able to cleanse and re-balance my Chakras it was the most beautiful spiritual massage experience and Lisa was truly amazing.

I loved it – I literally felt like all the stress and tension had left me and that she had unblocked whatever stagnated energy, tension and stress I had been holding on to, I felt so relaxed at the end I didn’t want to get off the Spa Bed. I had a really clear and calm mind and I truly felt like the biggest weight had left my shoulders, or whole body actually, I felt so good, re-centred and whole again.  I’ve had a lot of massages in my time and even one intuitive massage at one of the leading luxury day spa’s in Melbourne but nothing really compared to this spiritual, physical, mental, emotional wellness Gwinganna Spa feeling and experience.  Thanks Lisa you are Amazing.

Organic Facial: I was in need of the Hydrating organic facial was my Spa Therapist Jan was able to tell me what I needed in regards to my skin.  Jan was the most Beautiful, Kind, Loving lady I have ever met for some reason I felt like I had know her for years.  Jan was super professional and went through everything she was going to do, and explained all of the products throughly and did a very personalised skin consultation with me.  I didn’t think about the outside world for one minute Jan was able to draw my attention inwards.

The products Jan used during my Organic Facial was 100% natural and certified organic the brand was Phyt’s.  The Phyt’s organic products felt so lovely on my skin and the way that Jan did her facial was an unbelievable wellness, health, spa organic experience so much that I totally surrendered and even fell asleep during my facial I was that relaxed.  If you feel like your skin is in need of a facial then try one of these natural organic facials they do leave your skin feeling amazing.

I spoke to so many other #SPAITGIRLs throughout my visit to Gwinganna and everyone I spoke to loved their Spa Treatments.  It was so nice to hear about how it made them feel, plus learning about new Spa Therapy Treatments and their own personal wellness journey stories made me feel even more excited to select Gwinganna as my favourite #SPAITGIRL Health and Wellness Retreat to visit in 2016.

One of the things I loved most at Gwinganna was the laid back, casual feel good, positive friendly vibe.  I met so many beautiful people, it was such a supportive environment and considering I went by myself on my Gwinganna Wellness Journey I didn’t feel alone or out of place one little bit.  I felt so welcomed and part of something bigger than I have ever experienced before. I made so many new friends and everyone made me feel so relaxed it was so nice to talk to people face to face instead via social media.

While I could spend even more time writing every positive word that exists to describe how much I loved Gwinganna, I thought instead of writing a really long blog I would share with you my #SPAITGIRL Gwinganna Wellness Journey and experiences through this very down to earth Aussie #SPAITGIRL Active Living, Wellness, Spa v-blog.

I hope you feel inspired to visit Gwinganna too – it really will do your own body, mind, spirit {health, fitness & wellness} the world of good.

Gwinganna has made it onto the Spa it Girl List 2016 – Congratulations Gwinganna Team.

Love & Light always
Yvette Le Blowitz
aka Spa it Girl xoxo



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