What’s My GYM BAG: Essential?

As gross as it sounds, shampooing too much — even after the gym — can dry out your hair and strip away all of the natural oils that keep your scalp and hair healthy. Instead, keep a travel size dry shampoo in your gym bag as it will soak up all the unwanted sweat and oil while absorbing all the impurities.


Ideally you should use a dry shampoo on your roots before your workout as this it prevents excess moisture from saturating your whole head with sweat.  Dry shampoos are an excellent way to rid yourself of the grease, grime, and sweat of the day as well as a hard workout.  Brush your hair thoroughly, and then lifting your hair at the root, spray the dry shampoo directly onto the root of your hair.  Spraying dry shampoo directly on your part, can cause your hair to look dry and ashy.  There are loads of dry shampoo on the market the trick is finding one that suits your own hair.

“I can’t live without my dry shampoo it’s my Active Living
#SPAITGIRL gym bag essential” 
Yvette Le Blowitz @Spa it girl



pic: {vogue}