Silky Oaks Lodge: Healing Waters Spa

I am so happy to share with you that Silky Oaks Lodge – Healing Waters Spa has made it on our exclusive Spa it Girl Getaway List for 2016.

For so many great reasons….Silky Oaks Lodge is a Beautiful Romantic Luxury Spa Destination about a 1hr and 20 minutes drive north of the Cairns Airport in North Queensland, Australia.

Silky Oaks Lodge is located right on the Mossman River in amongst the beautiful Daintree Rainforest.   I choose to stay right on the water in a Riverhouse Lodge and when I arrived I had no idea that all I would be hearing was the healing sounds of the water it was absolutely beautiful this is one place you don’t need any guided meditation music at mother nature does that for you.

It had been a while since I saw colourful parrots by from my room I got a birdseye view at them and it was lovely listening to them chirping.  When I looked out of luxury lodge all I could see was the rainforest tree tops the lodge I was staying in was high on a bit of hill so when I looked out of my room and from my actual comfy bed I felt like I was right amongst the treetops it was so surreal it felt like I was in a dream as the scenery and view was just so pretty.

It was such a beautiful, mesmerising the surroundings and the air was crisp, fresh and clean and the water was pure being spending time in my Silky Oaks luxury lodge was like being in an awakened dream. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was it truly was surreal.  The Silky Oaks Lodge had such a beautiful, warm, spiritual, feel good presence this is one Spa Destination that touched my Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.   I felt like I was re-energising and I felt totally inspired and grateful I was happy, healthy and well and a true Spa it Girl.

When I was relaxing in my Riverhouse Lodge I had the choice of either hanging out in my day bed, comfy bed, hammock, very big spa bath yes suitable for 2, or on a beautiful comfy reading chair I was spoilt for choice when it come to places to sit, lay and unwind.  When I arrived my room was filled with beautiful relaxation music that blended in with mother nature, little tea light candles lite around in very special places including even on the deck and bath room.  They had the local tea and coffee to choose from and the most beautiful big pretty tea cups.  I loved too how they had nicely pressed clean white bright waffles bathrobes and slippers which I hopped into every time after I had a relaxation spa bath soaking in the Himalayan Bath Salts that they provide which are great for detoxifying.

In the rooms they don’t have a TV or DVD player but I actually liked this because I think the whole idea about travelling to a place like the Silky Oaks is about switching off, un-plugging and disconnecting to fully immerse myself in the Silky Oaks experience I ended up disconnecting fully and put my i-phone on silent and even left it in my room my suggestion if something is urgent ask your family and friends to ring the reception because there is nothing better than becoming totally present so I didn’t do any live updates or anything from the Silky Oaks Lodge as I wanted to be totally present and I wanted to appreciate Silky Oaks Lodge for how Beautiful it truly was.  For a truly Spiritual, Kind, Loving Spa it girl experience if you can switch off from reading your facebook news feeds it will do wonders for your Health and Wellbeing.

If you want to step out of your normal day to day world and escape to some place truly beautiful then Silky Oaks Lodge is the place for you.  The Staff were all lovely, friendly, happy, helpful and amazing, soothes were all switched on and they all knew what they were doing everything worked in sync.  The food was delicious they had a great menu and everything I ate tasted good.  They also had a Great Cocktails list and Bar Menu to go with it.

Being a Spa it Girl as all about travelling to Beautiful Luxury Spa Destinations that make you feel good.  I had the pleasure of spending time at the Silky Oaks – Healing Waters Spa and it was truly an uplifting, inspiring, uplifting soulful, kind, loving experience.
The Healing Waters Spa use Sodashi Skincare which mean’s wholeness, purity and radiance.  I personally love Sodashi always have and always will because every ingredient used in Sodashi products is 100% chemical free, pure and unrefined even their preservatives are 100% chemical free and Sodashi never uses chemicals, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or animal products.

Here is a short video Spa it Girl at Silky Oaks Lodge Healing Waters Spa I wanted personally wanted to take you behind the scenes with me:

Sodashi only uses the highest quality plant essences and extracts for their purity and therapeutic qualities. The therapeutic ingredients then gently penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin giving you that healthy, radiant glowing skin that every Spa it Girl wants.  Sodas hi has even created their very own unique spa therapies to nourish, rejuvenate and cleanse the skin through healing power of touch and spa therapy, Sodashi also focuses on Wellness combining both modern and ancient therapies for your Mind, Body and Spirit.  Sodas hi is from Australia and the founder Megan Larsen is totally amazing – yes a true Spa it Girl at heart and inspiration and I have followed her spa work and amazing growth over the very many years that I have been involved in the Global Spa Industry.

Because The Healing Waters Spa uses Sodashi skincare which is all 100% chemical free that was one of the main reasons I wanted to travel and visit this Luxury Day Spa for my spa therapy treatments plus it is the only Spa I know that has the most amazing couples Spa Treatment Room that over looks the beautiful spiritual tropical daintree rainforest, the longest living in the world. Silky Oaks Healthy Waters Spa is located at one of the most authentic natural Australian Environments possible it’s incredible how beautiful it is being surrounded by Rainforest Trees and listening to the sounds of the water from the Mossman River it truly is Healing Waters just like the name of the Spa and all of the Marketing suggests.

For my Spa Treatment I chose to have Sodashi Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Facial it is based on anti-aging techniques from Ayurvedic healing traditions to re-awaken your skins natural healing energies.   It intensely hydrates, nourishes, increases firmness and elasticity and helps diminishes the appearance of fine lines and restores your natural youthful glow. A Rose Quartz Crystal facial massage enables the powerful Samadara Ultimate Age Defying Crème to penetrate deeply into the skin.

So what did I think of the Silky Oaks Lodge Healing Waters Spa?

I loved, loved, loved it. The Spa Treatment rooms are situated over looking the beautiful spiritual Daintree rainforest it is so peaceful and beautiful. I loved being able to hear the soothing sounds of the water running from the Mossman River it did feel so therapeutic, relaxing and it did soothe and heal my soul.

The couples Spa Treatment room is WOW WOW WOW so big I think it’s nearly half the size of my apartment.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE their sunken bath just looking at it made me feel so good, excited, happy all at the same time but to be in the warm water and to be relaxing in the healing waters overlooking the beautiful rainforest was so much better then any marketing photo I have ever seen.

I loved eating the fresh tropical fruits while I was in the bath the fresh fruit tasted so good I choose to sip on water whilst in the bath as I wanted to have a truly cleansing time.  The Healing Waters Spa Bath is designed for couples but as a Spa it Girl I had it all to myself and I think spending time in this bath will enhance anyone’s healing journey. The bath also had this amazing overhead shower and turning on that one was really cool too. The whole idea of spa healing is spending time in a Spa’s water so the Healing Waters Spa

Definitely offers the most incredible experience in Australia when it comes to spending time in Healing Spa Water.  My Spa Therapist was Nicolette who is also the Silky Oaks Lodge Healing Waters Spa Manager – Nicolette was awarded last years Sodashi Spa Therapist of the Year and I can see why she greeted me with the most beautiful smile, she had warmth in her eyes.

Nikolett was radiating beautiful, loving, positive energy and being in her presence made me feel good. I looked around the Healing Waters Spa like a true Luxury Spa Travel Reviewer and I couldn’t find anything to fault everything was absolutely Spa Beautiful.  Nicolette ran my Healing Waters Bath for me in the couples room and seeing the steam come up and out was a knock out.

Nikolett gave me the best Sodashi Anti-aging Facial ever. When I say facial I don’t mean the one’s that most people are use of when you get products wiped off your face with cotton balls.  Having a Spa Facial with Nikolett is like having Spa Therapy on your face in which you doesn’t even feel like you’re having a facial it just feels that nice and everything flows like a soothing calming yoga spiritual body, mind, connection flow.

I loved the Sodashi products on my skin plus the use of the Rose Quartz Crystal but for me Nicolette’s ability to do a facial and for it to be so flawless, smooth, relaxing and beautiful was what made it a truly spiritual, emotional spa therapy healing experience. After my treatment I felt amazing, my skin felt so clean and was glowing, when I eventually got up and back into my robe again I felt like I had been away for a week but yet my time on the spa table was just a little bit over an hour. Nicollette had the ability to quiten my mind, to get me to fully relax, unwind, surrender and to be inspired, re-energised and to feel amazing.

After my Spa it Girl treatment at Healing Waters Spa I got to sip on some beautiful ice tea and just sit outside in one of their Spa Chairs overlooking the Rainforest and all I could think is I love being a Spa it Girl because it makes me feel so good within. I truly believe that Spa Therapy is the best form of healing and it does wonders for your own health and wellbeing. If you are in need some of serious me time then take a trip to the Silky Oaks Lodge as it’s absolutely beautiful and then visit their Healing Waters Spa you will see what I mean.

If you want to be a Spa it Girl then visit Silky Oaks Lodge and their wonderful Healing Waters Spa too.

Spa it girl xoxo
Yvette Le Blowitz


words by:  Yvette Le Blowitz 
Founder of Spa it Girl
Wellness Ambassador
Global Luxury Spa Travel Reviewer
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Spa Destination Reviewed:  Silky Oaks Lodge