Forget BOTOX or Cosmetic Surgery…..a few facial exercises is all you may need to help prevent fine lines, wrinkles and saggy facial skin.

FACE YOGA is the latest Anti-Ageing Skincare Trend and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are doing it.  Face Yoga is an all natural, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkling, and uplifting routine for your facial features.  As the name suggests, it’s yoga, for your face. By naturally uplifting your muscles, you can prevent wrinkles, and that can potentially slow down the ageing process.

Face Yoga is basically a mini workout for your cheeks, eyes, lips and brows, and before to long you will even have your favourite Face Yoga pose. By doing and holding certain poses, you can promote circulation and tone the muscles in your face.  Best thing about FACE YOGA you don’t have to go to a YOGA Studio to do it.

Face Yoga expert Danielle Collins shares 6 FACE YOGA exercises you can do at home:

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source: Marie Claire UK, Danielle Collins
pic: harpers bazaar