The Springs LA

#SPAITGIRL Wellness Destination: The Springs in LA it’s a one stop shop for Health, Wellness, Yoga, Fresh Organic Juices created for the wider community.

The Springs is LA’s coolest Urban Wellness Oasis founded by Jared Stein and Kimberly Helms who wanted to cultivate a healthy wellness community through offering things that would nourish your Body, Mind and Soul all under the one roof.  It’s a place that you visit to make yourself feel Healthy and Well.

When you take a look at The Springs menus it’s easy to think?

what organic juice will I have today?
what yoga class should I take?
what Healthy Breakfast do I feel like?

With so many Health and Wellness offerings on The Springs menus –  I thought I would ask the founders of The Springs – Jared & Kimberly what was their favourite Yoga class to do, Juice to have and Daily Health and Wellness tips:

Our Favourite Yoga Class?
We love Chris Reed’s power flow class: an intense, but thoughtful approach to yoga.

Our Favourite Juice from our Juice Bar?
I love the Lantern: Pineapple, Cucumber, Cilantro, Jalapeño. Spicy but refreshing!

What is one, two or three things you love to do each day that makes you feel good?
Starting the day with a juice always sets the day in motion on a healthy and positive note. From there, squeezing in a yoga class if we can is great! Our days are full running all the facets of The Springs, but the ultimate icing on the cake, is getting to take advantage of a massage or sauna in our wellness center.

Living in LA is it possible to find peace of Mind?
We think so! There’s definitely an vibrant energy and hustle in larger cities (we are previously New Yorkers), but finding respite in the urban jungle is the best way to escape. That was part of the driving force behind creating The Springs: wanting to build a place that created that peace of mind, and wellness as part of peoples daily activity within an urban environment, so the constant need for vacation wasn’t always present.


The Springs, 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021