3 Weekend Workout Classes

Did you miss your gym class today?

That’s ok because I have tried, tested and approved 3 workouts classes for you.

Each workout is totally different so choose the one that feels right for you. I personally love all 3 classes. Each of the Instructors are Beautiful, Kind, Loving, Authentic and Spiritually Connected and Caring in every possible way.

I am so blessed to have these Yogi girls in my Beautiful Yogi Life.  As you know I only share things on my Spa it Girl Blog site that truly is inspiring and feel good so get ready Spa it Girl’s to change into your Beautiful Active Wear, Grab a Towel or a Yoga Mat, a Bottle of Water then Hit the Play Button Below on any of the tried, tested and Spa it Girl approved workout videos which are especially for you:

“Want to Feel Your Legs, Butt and Arms Burn? Then this is the workout for you. Boho Beautiful is one of my favourite youtube channels and I love everything Boho Beautiful stands for they stay true to who they are their own personal beliefs and connected with them even via youtube and social media is totally inspiring and empowering” “I love my Beautiful Yogi Sister & so proud to share her on the Spa it girl Blog today” Yvette Le Blowitz @Spaitgirl

“If you ever thought Yoga was not intense enough then you have never done a Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga class if you want to Sweat and Feel the Fat Burn then Ali Kamenova is my Go-To Youtube Yoga Girl for this” “I personally do Ali’s classes and she is a dear beautiful yogi spirit friend of mine” “If you want to get serious about weight loss then try this workout + of course more” “But remember to go with ease and work to your own ability”  “Ali’s Kamenova will have you sweating, huffing and puffy but trust me you will never get board of her Interval Yoga class workouts that is for sure” Yvette Le Blowitz @Spaitgirl

“If you want to relax, unwind and to let go of the busy week you have just had then this Hatha Yoga Class with Esther Ekhart from Ekhart Yoga is perfect for you.  Esther Ekhart has been one of my personal yoga inspirations & role model. She has been teaching Yoga for most of her life and has a truly Beautiful way of delivering her Yoga Classes in a Calm, Peaceful Feel Good Way.  She focuses on technique and the breath so for anyone who is a beginner to Yoga I totally recommend this last plus of course all of her others classes on line too.  If you want to find out more about Esther Ekhart you can click here to watch one of my original Spa it Girl youtube interviews with her” Yvette Le Blowitz @Spaitgirl


Love & Light always
Yvette xoxo
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