Meet Jess Hatzis: co-founder of frank body

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frank body is an Australian made, coffee-based skincare range that makes babes feel like… babes. frank body is best known for their first product, the Original Coffee Scrub. frank body now have 11 products all made from natural ingredients that focus on achieving soft, supple skin.

Yvette Le Blowitz shares “as the founder of Spa it Girl….. frank body is my favourite coffee scrub to use. I feel so confident covering myself in a frank body coffee scrub because it’s natural and Made in Australia. It smells good, feels good, fun to put on and after I wash it off it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and beautiful. It’s such an amazing way to exfoliate your skin.

I love how frank body embrace their customers by sharing their photos across their social media networks. I think this is very cool and I applaud them for doing this.  The frank body instagram page @frank_bod is so feel good I love seeing all the happy smiling faces covered in frank body each day”.

Now that you know why Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl loves frank body so much.

We are super excited to share with you our inspiring:
Spa it Girl Interview with Jess Hatzis co-founder of frank body:

Meet Jess Hatzis: co-founder of frank body:

What Inspired you to start frank body? Like all good stories ours starts with coffee. We were looking to develop a product (and brand) within the beauty and fitness industry that utilised social media to talk with consumers, not at them. Steve, one of my co-founders, who owns a few cafes in Melbourne, had a customer ask to take home some coffee grinds. They told him they were using it as a body exfoliator. After some research, we came to find that coffee scrubs were attributed to tackling things like stretch marks and cellulite, as well as everyday dryness, and although there were a lot of DIY recipes online, no one was selling a coffee scrub as a product, with high quality ingredients in a ready to go format. We experimented with the use of fresh coffee grinds to get the best results, combined with a mixture of natural oils, sugar and sea salt. It was then that the Original Coffee Scrub was born.

Who are the founders of frank body? Bree Johnson & Jess Hatzis, manage creative direction and Alex Boffa and Steve Rowley manage all product development, retail partnerships and logistics. We’ve been friends forever.

Why did you choose the name frank body? The name comes from the idea of: ‘let’s be frank’. We were over the hyperbole and fluffy language often used by beauty companies and we wanted to cut through the jargon and be really honest, open and frank with our consumers. This ethos extends to everything we do; from the natural ingredients we use in our products to the way we communicate on social. From here we developed the character of frank: he’s one cheeky, dirty son of a gun.

What do you love most about frank body? Besides the lovely emails and commentary from our consumers, I genuinely love breaking boundaries. As Creative Director I’m charged with leading all the components of our marketing, alongside Bree, and it’s our job to come up with fun, interesting ways to do things. The basic rule: be cheeky and don’t do anything that’s been done before.

Did you ever imagine frank body would become so well-known and would become famous for it’s Instagram page? It’s pretty crazy, and of course it’s lovely. But I hope we’re famous for more than our Instagram page. After all, it’s one component of what we do. I’m most proud of a group of friends growing their team to 30 people, with 5 distribution points around the world and over 1,000,000 customers.

What do you love most about the frank body social media networks? The loyal and very vocal frankfurt community we have created. They don’t shy away from telling us what they think, and submitting photos. There’s over 100,000 tagged images under #thefrankeffect and #letsbefrank of people getting dirty with our products.

Did you have any role models, mentors or other people you inspired to be like when you were starting frank body or throughout your frank body start up journey? My parents are my role models. They genuinely told me I could be whatever I wanted to be, and I believed them. My sister is one of my biggest champions, she is so supportive and proud – it’s really nice to have an incredible family around me.

All of your frank body products are natural. Do you also carry that love for natural ingredients throughout your day-to-day lifestyle? Life is all about balance. I try and live a healthy lifestyle, I exercise every morning, and 90% of my diet is fresh veggies, meats and fruit, but I’ll never say no to a piece of chocolate or glass of good red wine after a long week. I don’t believe in detoxes, diets or fads. I’m about looking after myself all the time. The biggest focus point for me now is working on reducing stress levels and sleeping better.

Running such a successful skincare brand do you have any daily habits or things you couldn’t live without? I’m pretty strict about having time in the morning to myself to exercise. Once I get into the office it’s non stop, usually eating lunch in meetings or at my computer, into the evening before finishing work late in the evenings. I don’t think being that busy is something to be proud of, or boast about, it’s just the reality of my workload at the moment, so carving out time in the morning before the chaos ensues is the best way for me to manage it.

How do you find your balance? as one of the co-founders of frank body? I find balance during the day by sitting on the floor, on the little fluffy cloud shaped rug I have next to my desk, and trying to relax into my writing. Lately I’ve been walking to and from work, it’s a really nice way to unwind so that by the time I arrive home in the evening I’m calm and ready to relax.

Do you have any tips, tricks or things you like to do so you feel like you are staying on top of everything? Lists are helpful, but transparency is key. I talk to my team if I’m feeling overwhelmed. We all pitch in to help each other.

How do you find time to unwind? I’m getting much better at not working on the weekends, taking time to walk the dog, go out for dinner, see my friends and family.

Did you find when you first started frank body you had to work a lot of crazy hours? To get frank body to where it is today? I still do. I wake up to catch the US/UK time zones between 7-8:30am, then take my alone time for training and breakfast before hitting the office from 10:30am. I usually finishing working at about 8:30pm most nights. So on average I work 12 + hours a day, so do my co-founders.

What tips could you give someone who is wanting to live their dreams? Persistence, hard work, creativity and patience. Things don’t happen by chance.

Do you have any mantra’s you love to live by? Drink all the wine. Don’t be a dick.

At Spa it Girl we are curious to know if you have any Favourite Spa’s you like to visit? Little Company in Melbourne is beautiful. The Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs are pretty as well. In NYC I’ve been meaning to try the Aire Ancient Baths but keep running out of time when I’m visiting.

You share so many dreaming Holiday destinations on your frank body Instagram pages – what are your favourite holiday destinations? I am a travel addict. My favourite cities are Copenhagen, New York. & Paris. My favourite beach destinations are Santorini, Tulum, Bali & Byron Bay. My favourite adventure place is Iceland. My wish list includes Bora Bora & Turkey.

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