I found Paradise at Niramaya Villas & Spa


Yvette Le Blowitz Luxury Spa Travel Reviewer, Asia Spa Awards Judge for 2016 and founder of Spa it Girl shares: “I found Paradise at Niramaya Villas & Spa in Port Douglas, Australia.  If you are wanting a feel good place to getaway to this is it”.

Yvette Le Blowitz, Luxury Spa Travel Reviewer shared her personal thoughts on Niramaya Villas & Spa here they are:

The Staff: they were all really friendly, super helpful and made me feel right at home.  I personally think because the staff were so nice that is what made a huge difference to my happy holiday.



My Private Luxury Pool Villa:  What can I say it comes with it’s very own private pool, outdoor shower and amazing Balinese inspired daybed relaxation area.  It has such an open feel and the use of beautiful woods, sandstones, being connected and surrounded by mother earth and all of the beautiful plants, trees and greenery made me feel instantly at peace. There were so many beautiful places to lounge around and read my feel good book and I couldn’t see a soul or even hear another soul it’s was like a dream come true it was like pure paradise and my private pool villa had such a warm inviting energy it made me feel relaxed, calm and at ease I loved it.  My Villa was actually flawless well maintained, nicely presented everything was in place and I couldn’t find a thing to fault (though as a Luxury Spa Travel Reviewer trust me I did try my best!!).


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Eating Out: I had a massive entertaining Kitchen even a BBQ in my luxury private villa it really is designed to be a place that you can totally stock up the fridge with your bits and pieces and never have to leave again. However as I was on holiday I opted to go down and eat at the Restaurant the food what I like to call soul food, the staff were so happy, bubbly, passionate and they had the biggest smiles on their face that their feel good energy and vibe was infectious.  I ordered the pasta dish and it was spot on it tasted so good that I don’t even remember talking while I was eating it I was totally immersed in the flavours, taste and just how lovely it was and how the food was touching my soul.  It was so nice at night overlooking the main resort pool which was lite up in a really pretty blue. The Restaurant had a really relaxed north queensland vibe so if you think for a minute eating at a Luxury Private Villa Restaurant is all up tight, tense and unfriendly then think again Niramaya Villas & Spa have found a really nice balance.


Yoga: I was super excited to see that I could practice yoga while I was away on my holiday. I tried the Yogalettes class on the Saturday morning at Niramaya Villas & Spa and my Yoga Instructor was so good, a true yogini at heart.  Her relaxing soft voice made me feel at peace.  The other girls in the class were so friendly.  Throughout the class I felt totally present it was such a lovely safe, comfortable feel good environment.  At the end of the class after the guided mediation I did feel very sleepy.  This yoga class is really suited for anyone to do, so if you have been thinking of giving Yoga a go this is the place to do it. As an absolute Yogi Junkie I loved my Yoga Class and Yoga experience at Niramaya Villas & Spa a big thanks to my Beautiful Yoga Teacher.

Niramaya Spa:  What can I say I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT  it was absolutely amazing total Spa it Girl Heaven totally Spa it Girl Paradise.  I had the 3 hour Niramaya Spa Bliss spa package which included a Vichy Shower, a Body Exfoliating Scrub, a Body Mask, a Hair Mask, a relaxation massage, a facial in which I added on and included a 24 caret gold facial mask as I had never experienced this before and this was really another signature treatment that to me Niramaya Spa specialised.

My Therapist was Mon and she was AMAZING….so good….I have never had a Spa Therapist that has been able to make me go to sleep but yep that’s what Mon managed to do she made me feel so relaxed and at peace that I totally did get to drool, sleep and re-energise my Body, Mind and Soul.  I have had a lot of Spa Treatments in my time and never come across such an amazing Spa Therapist, the whole Niramaya Spa Bliss package worked in perfectly it was so great I totally switched off completely. They say when you come to Niramaya Villas & Spa you leave the world behind – I have to say I totally agree this is what happened to me.

To top it all off when I emerged from my 3 hours of Niramaya Spa Bliss I had a glass of bubbly awaiting my arrival and the Spa Manager Wade took one look at me and said I don’t even need to ask you what you think I can tell just by looking at you. He was absolutely right – that was the best Spa Treatment package ever.

I felt so relaxed, I had totally unwound (which for an Active Living, Wellness, Blogger) can be very hard even for a dedicated Yogi to do at times.  My skin felt amazing but more importantly I felt amazing.  I felt so good, so well, so healthy, so relaxed, so energised, so amazing that I truly felt like a brand new person and any tension I was once holding on to had completely gone.

I felt like I was starting a brand new life all over again the past no longer served any good and all I had to look forward to now was feeling good – it was like bye bye stress, tension (it was all gone).

A big thanks to my Spa Therapist Mon – you are simply the best.  If I was to hand our Spa it Girl Awards this year for the Best Spa Therapist it seriously would go to Mon that’s the honest Truth! She was really great though I did speak to other Spa Junkies who had also come out of their Spa Treatments and they also said their spa treatments were amazing and I knew that also from taking one look at their face.

“Congratulations also to Niramaya Villas & Spa for making it onto the Spa it Girl Getaway List for 2016 not every Spa Destination that Yvette Le Blowitz personally visit’s makes it on this exclusive hand picked list so well done to the whole team for doing what you do with such passion, presence and the up most care you are now considered one of Port Douglas Best Luxury Spa Destinations to visit”