SELF LOVE: What is it?

It’s two words put together: SELF LOVE that we see used all the time in Magazines, Blogs and across Social Media – but what does SELF LOVE really mean?

We asked Dani DiPirro Positivity and Self Love Expert; Author, Designer and Founder of Positively Present Blog to give us the low down on what SELF LOVE is and how can we practice it?

Here is our exclusive Spa it Girl Interview with Dani DiPirro:

What Inspired you to create the Positively Present Blog? I was inspired to start Positively Present when I realized that I was struggling in various aspects of my life — work, romance, friendships, etc. — to find happiness. I kept looking for external sources of happiness and one day I realized that change had to come from within. I knew that I needed to start focusing on being positive and present and that, if I was able to stay optimistic and mindful, good things would come my way.

What things do you personally do to live a Positive Life? To live a positive life, I focus on maintaining a positive attitude (striving to find the good in every situation), aiming to stay as mindful as possible, surrounding myself with uplifting, encouraging people, and doing my best to limit activities and situations that bring about negative feelings. These things are not always easy, but anyone who wants to live a more positive life can do them if they make an effort. And, believe me, the effort is so, so worth it!

You have so many published books on Self Love; what does Self Love mean to you? To me, self-love means accepting who you are and appreciating the true essence of yourself. Self-love doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you’d like to change about yourself (we all have those!). Instead, it’s about being kind to yourself, respecting yourself, and treating yourself the way you would a good friend. A good friend might have flaws, but you still love them. Self-love means doing the same for yourself.

What Things Can We Do to Love Ourselves More? In order to love ourselves more, it’s important to treat ourselves well. Most importantly, it’s essential to think and speak kindly about ourselves. One of the biggest barriers to self-love is the voice in our heads telling us we’re not good enough or we should be different than we are. Silencing that voice and focusing on the positive aspects of ourselves is key to self-love. Likewise, treating ourselves well is important. We should live with love, care, and respect for our minds and bodies, which means surrounding ourselves with positive people, situations, and experiences.

Out of all your Books which one do you think would be more suited to someone who is really wanting to work on their Self Confidence and Self Love?  For someone wanting to work on self-confidence and self-love, one of the best places to start would be with my Loving Your Self workbookLoving Your Self is a empowering workbook designed to teach, inspire, and increase self-love. The instant-downloadable PDF is a go-to resource for learning about self-love, engaging in exercises that increase self-love, and discovering more about the various ways you can (and should!) love who you are. The workbook features innovative, inspiring, and empowering activities to help you uncover a deep, lasting love of yourself!


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