Surf Style Training with Elise Carver

Are you in need of some Work out Motivation? With Spring just around the Corner and the thought of having to squeeze into our Summer Holiday Bikini we thought it was now the perfect time for you to:

Meet our Spa it Girl – Style Surf  IT GIRL inspiration:Elise Carver trainer of  Surf Style Training from Little Bantam Health and Fitness

Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl shares “Elise Carver is a Surf Style Trainer and one of a kind her Fitness Workout’s are totally unique, authentic and a reflection of who she truly is”. “Elise Carver is a down to earth Aussie Girl so natural, beautiful, lovely and raw you won’t find on ounce of superficial when it comes to this down to earth Aussie Natural Beauty”.

“She is super Strong, Fit, Healthy, Happy, Determined, Confident, Flexible and Gorgeous inside and out, who loves to help others to feel the same way to”. “She is the ultimate feel good Surf Style Trainer chick”.

Elise Carver shares motivating workout posts on her instagram account @littlebantamsurftrainer hanging from the ceiling moving from bar to bar and {yep} making it look so easy.

If her hanging from the ceiling isn’t enough to inspire you to work on your own upper strength then perhaps her one up hand handstand push ups alternating a dumbbell weight from side to side will.


Elise Carver Mantra is: “It’s not about having a 6 pack, the biggest muscles or a thigh gap. It’s about feeling GOOD, being STRONG and feeling energetic & excited as you travel through life! so naturally as Elise Carver aligns with everything I truly believe in as the founder of Spa it Girl – I just had to share this Beautiful Aussie Girl with you.

Spa it Girl got to chat exclusively with Elise Carver from Little Bantam Health and Fitness to find out what Surf Style training is what her own Health and Fitness Tips are.

Here is our exclusive Spa it Girl interview with Elise Carver from Little Bantam Health and Fitness:

What is Surf Style Training?  Core Strength, Flexibility, Agility, Balance & Endurance Training.  With these heightened skills, surfing and many other daily activities can become effortless on your journey to a healthier you. Through deep & superficial core strength training, yoga techniques, balance training, agility training, strength training, plyometrics, postural correction exercises, consistent stretching & recovery focus as well as healthy practical eating information.

The Little Bantam Surf Style Training program works WITH your body to build the best version of YOU, whether you’re a surfer or not. Surf Style Training is taking a technique often reserved for pro athletes and making it accessible for every.

What are the Benefits of Surf Style Training? It Activate’s your deep core muscles.  You learn how to use core muscles correctly and it builds a lot of core strength, muscle strength, it helps reduce upper & lower back pain. It strengthen’s the upper body and focuses on the back, improves posture, and your breathing techniques, it increases your flexibility, and helps mobilise rigid joints and limit’s sport injuries.  It develops balance and balance awareness.

What do Little Bantam Surfing Classes focus on
3 of the 5 major attributes from the Surf Style Training program Core Strength, Flexibility & Balance.

How long do your Classes run for? 1 hour at the Little Bantam Studio location, with a maximum of 8 people. Each class will take you through Beginner to Intermediate stretching & strengthening variations depending on your skill level, allowing you to adjust the movement to suite the intensity you are looking for. With regular adjustments to your technique throughout the class followed by a guided meditation to finish, each session will leave you feeling balanced and more in tune with your body than when you first walked in!

What are some of classes you offer?

Active Stretch: Focused predominately on stretching and lengthening the major muscle groups (hips, legs, spine and shoulders). This class uses Yoga and PNF stretching techniques to release tired and overused muscles helping to improve range of movement and recovery time from our busy active lives.

Core.Activate.Release: Engaging deep & superficial Core muscles through Yoga, Pilates and surf training techniques. This class focuses on activating your trunk (muscles surrounding your spine, aka torso) to support your posture throughout the day. Whilst equally releasing muscles associated with holding tension and stress often located around the shoulders, neck and lower back.

Now that we all know about what Surf Style Training is thanks to Elise Carver.

meet our Spa it Girl – Aussie Surf Style IT GIRL inspiration: Elise Carver from Little Bantam Health and Fitness:

How did you get into Surfing? My dad tried to throw me into waves when I was much younger but funnily enough I HATED sand and the waves! Haha, Then when I was 22 I started travelling down to the coast and found a new love of surfing and the relaxed lifestyle that comes with it.

How long have you been Surfing for? And what do you love most about Surfing? I’ve been surfing now for about 8 years. I love the way it makes me SWITCH OFF, its an activity that requires ALL of my attention so like meditation I think about only one thing. Surfing!

Can you tell us more about your Stretching Yoga inspired Instagram photos? I actually designed a new type of flexibility technique, Active Stretch. It’s inspired by Yoga but a lot more practically focused, constant and moving into deep poses through several stages and muscle activations. I previously practiced Yoga for about 5/6 years but felt it wasn’t quiet what I needed so I put together Active Stretch.

How did you develop your own strength? I’ve been a Rock Climber since I was 12 so I’ve been lucky enough to build my strength from a young age. But keeping it has been the challenge, I train my upper body every week, several times and I focus on Back, Shoulders and Grip Strength.

If we want to develop our own strength what should we do? The best thing you can do is practice, it’s not going to be easy to get to where you want to be but it is FUN! Think of new ways to build up the strength you need and slowly you will see progress.

What Inspired you to Start Little Bantam Health and Fitness? I was tired of seeing mal practice at my local gym, I had been a trainer by then for 5 years and found it sickening how bad some of the trainers out there are! I had also spent the last few years working on my own version of Surf Style Training and found the benefits immense, not only for me but for friends and family too.

What do you love most about being the Founder & Surf Style Trainer for Little Bantam Health and Fitness? What I say goes! I don’t trust a lot of people to deliver the quality and understanding of what I am trying to achieve so it’s nice to be the one who decides where the business and training goes all the time. It’s also great being able to surf whenever I want!

If we haven’t done surfing in the water before can we still join into your Little Bantam Health and Fitness Classes at your Studio? Yeah of course! Surf Style Training isn’t reserved for the Surfing Elite, its for everyone! Its taking attributed a surfer requires and applying it to the everyday person.

How often do you train yourself a week? I train 4/5 times per week about 30 – 40mins. Then I Surf, Rock Climb and walk during the week as well.

As a highly dedicated Surf Style Trainer and Fitness Professional do you still make time to have rest days? Yeah I have rest days!!! Without rest days your body cannot recovery and improve.

Do you have any tips for preventing injuries? My tips – don’t push through bad pain, get remedial massage and adjustment to stay balanced and take regular baths in magnesium salts.

We are some of your Favourite things to eat?

Breakfast: Banana Pancakes – only egg and banana

Lunch: Zucchini Pasta

Dinner: Baked Veg and steamed Greens

And on the Go Snacks? Emma and Toms Bar or Nudie Breakie Smoothie

Do you have any Daily Rituals you couldn’t live without? Yep, my Slipper Elm drink in the morning to protect and settle my stomach.

Do you like to listen to music when working out? Yeah! Spotify is my go to! What is on your playlist? I don’t really stick to artists, I just have mixes. Like a Gangsta mix, Sexy Mix and Byron Bay mix.

When you are in need of some downtime what things do you like to do? Watch a Movie, Have a Massage and I also go to Pottery class, enjoy a light Surf, travel down the coast in our Van and meditate.

What’s your favourite Activewear to work out in? Probably Lurv, they have awesome prints and quality is epic.

Do you Meditate? Yep, everyday, several times. Whenever my mind starts to get the better of me.

What words of wisdom can you share for those wanting to live their dreams?  Build a bridge. Rather than dumping the life you have, come up with a plan to get to where you want to be. Be kind to yourself and do what you need to do in a way that isn’t threatening to yourself. No one said you had to rip the band aid off. Sometimes it’s nice to get there gradually.

What tips can you give us if we are wanting to lose weight but struggling to? Look at the food you are putting in your mouth. I promise if you cute Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar you’ll lose weight in no time!

If we are not happy with the way we feel and look what can we do? Look deeper than just the surface. There is a reason why you are feeling that way and no matter how hot you feel on the outside if you don’t feel good on the inside nothing will change.

What can we do to Feel Good? Ask yourself what would make you feel good right now? And do that – providing its not Alcohol, Drugs or Self Harm!

At Spa it Girl we would love to know your Skincare Tips? Wear as little makeup as possible, active skincare instead of loading on moisturiser, plenty of water and a good diet.


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