Yellow Willow more than a Yoga Mat

Yellow Willow is more than a Stylish Yoga Mat it is Australian Designed by Jess Incledon and Sascha Martin and their ethos of the brand is “combining both the principals of traditional yoga with a modern and sensory touch of Beauty plus performance.

Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl shares: “Yellow Willow is one of my favourite Yoga Mats. I love the Beautiful Colours and Feel Good Prints and Designs.  I truly believe Yellow Willow is more than just another Stylish Yoga Mat you can buy on-line.  The Yellow Willow Yoga Mats have been designed with so much Heart, Passion, Love and Soul by two very inspiring Beautiful Down to Earth Aussie Girl’s Jess Incledon and Sascha Martin.

Yellow Willow yoga mats are non toxic and easy to clean.  You can actually wash your Yellow Willow yoga mat in the washing machine, so it’s like getting a brand new yoga mat each time plus it’s a great way to get all that sweat and grind out of your yoga mat too. Every Yellow Willow yoga mat has been designed and created with the Environment in Mind and that is really important to me”

“When I roll out my yoga mat it truly is like going on my own Yoga Health Retreat” “I really wanted to share with all of our Spa it Girl readers Yellow Willow with you because not only do I love these Beautiful Feel Good Yoga Mats – I love how the founders of Yellow Willow align with my own Spa it Girl ethos and beliefs”.

Spa it Girl exclusively interviewed the co-founders of Yellow Willow Jess Incledon & Sascha Martin to find out what inspired them to create Yellow Willow why they love Yoga – plus so much more….

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Meet Jess Incledon & Sascha Martin co-founders of Yellow Willow:

What Inspired you to start Yellow Willow Yoga Mats? We have a passion for fashion and a passion for yoga. We love that Australians want to express themselves through athleisure trends. It was through looking around at all the beautiful girls having fun in their patterned tights and tops but carrying not so delightful yoga mats that Jess thought this activewear scene could become more complete – why not beautifully patterned yoga mats?

How did you get into Yoga? We have both been practicing yoga for a few years now and really just had an innate attraction to wanting to experience it, and find out what this claim to inner-peace is about. We both worked in corporate jobs and found yoga to be an amazing opportunity to connect with our bodies, helping us to be balanced both mentally and physically.

What do you love most about Yoga? There are so many things to love about yoga. We love the moment when we first step on out mat. The stress and tension of that day melts away. Sometimes putting the time aside to get to a yoga class can be a mental battle but once engaged in that moment of practice, it feels so good. When learning a new pose we can often think ‘this is impossible’ but it is a great sense of accomplishment when months later you can do it. Yoga is never mastered. We are always improving, experiencing set backs and striving to go further in our bodies and minds.

How does Yoga make you feel? Yoga makes us feel clear-headed, nimble in our bodies and calm in ourselves and our interactions with others. Yoga is such a powerful mechanism to cultivate strength, self-awareness and acceptance of others. Its physical benefit, we believe is an added bonus – and after sitting at a desk all day there is nothing quite like feeling your muscles stretch, your blood flow and your focus sharpen. It makes us feel like we can take on everything and anything.

Do you think it’s important that we all take time out of our busy lives to roll out our yoga mat and find peace within? Incredibly important. That is the reason we both love yoga – your mat is the place where you can just be. You refocus and reconnect. There is nowhere for you to be other than your mat which is quite the opposite to outside the studio. There is always something to do, somewhere to be, something else to think about. Taking time for self love is so important in a world with growing pressure to be always performing and doing.

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What do you love most about Meditating? Being still and alone with our thoughts can be very confronting, yet invaluable to gain insight, perspective and acceptance.

What Inspired you to created Non Toxic Yoga Mats? We are both environmentally conscious people and this was our guiding principle when creating Yellow Willow products. We also made a decision to fold our yoga mats when couriering them to customers using minimal packaging to save on wastage.

Do you have any tips for us Yogis when it comes to caring for our Yellow Willow Yoga Mat? You can machine wash them with gentle soap to keep them fresh! People don’t believe us when we tell them, but its true. Its like you’re getting a brand new mat every time you wash it. I wash mine every couple of months rather than always using the sprays provided at yoga studios, as these can be chemical-based.

Your Yoga Designs are so Feel Good so pretty one of a kind. How do you find your inspiration for these beautiful designs? We love our environment, nature is so full of inspiration with so many magnificent flowers and plants. We love to explore floral themes; to us they are feminine and beautiful and offer endless opportunity for colour combinations, shapes and arrangements. We have also named our mats after flowers too.

Do you have a Favourite Yoga Studio you like to go and roll out your Yellow Willow Mat In? Or do you Like Practicing Yoga at home? We both practice yoga everyday, whether it be a studio or at home. Both Body Mind Life and Power Living in Bondi are great studios. Hom Yoga in Darlinghurst and Light Space Yoga in Victoria are both great studios as well.

When you are not focused on Making your Yellow Willow Yoga Mats. What are some of other Healthy, Happy, Positive Feel Good things you like to do? We are both so lucky to live in Bondi and love being outdoors, enjoying the sun and surf.

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What’s Your Favourite Food to Eat? And or Drink? Or do you have a Favourite Go-To Recipe? Sushi – we have recently become mums and so were sadly deprived of our beloved raw fish so are loving the fact we can have it again! Also using the slow cooker this winter. There is nothing like coming home to a healthy soup or stew on a cold day

Do you have any Mantras you Love to Live By? Balance is truly is the key to everything. Balance in relationships, balancing friendships, when it comes to work and play as well as what you eat.

Do you have a Favourite Holiday Place or Destination you love to roll out your Yellow Willow Yoga Mat? Sri Lanka. Jess went recently and was blown away with its beauty, the people and the food. Everything about it is so relaxing, making it the perfect place to roll out your yoga mat.

What Do You Think We Can All Do to Feel More Happy, Confident and Beautiful within? Accept who you are. We believe there is too much comparison going on. How boring would the world be if we were all the same! Just be happy with what you’ve got and who you are.

What are some of your Must Do, Must Have Daily Rituals? Must have sleep. When we can get it.

What Words of Wisdom can you share for those wanting to live their life in passion too“if you fall, I will be there” – mat. Don’t know where this quote is from but very fitting for Yellow Willow lovers.

What is your favourite day spa to relax at? Beachside Thai Massage in Bondi is wonderful

Do you have any Yogi or Spiritual People who totally inspire you? Kino-yoga is pretty amazing. She can bend!

If you had one wish for everyone what would it be? Less wealth and more equality.

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