FEEL GOOD with Yogi Peace Club

If you want to FEEL GOOD then I suggestion wearing this beautiful yogi inspired brand: Yogi Peace Club Elle UK Magazine voted Yogi Peace Club as one of the top 10 yoga brands and as Founder of Spa it Girl I have to agree.

“I love wearing Yogi Peace Club because it makes me FEEL GOOD” ” I love how Yogi Peace Club is from Australia and as Australia’s Active Living, Yoga Loving, Wellness, Spiritual, Spa Travel Blogger – I think every Yoga Girl needs Yogi Peace Club in her life”  Yvette Le Blowitz @Spaitgirl 

Spa it Girl got to chat exclusively with Emma Barr Founder of Yogi Peace Club and she reveals What Inspired her to Create Yogi Peace Club and how she maintains her own Health, Wellness and Balance while running a busy yoga activewear business, being a Mum and Yoga Teacher.

Meet:  Emma Barr Founder of  Yogi Peace Club:

What inspired you to Create Yogi Peace Club? Yogi Peace Club derives its influence from yoga, the beach, and all things tropical. My ideology for the brand is dedicated to the Love of Life, Yoga, Beach, Tropical Places, Colour, Peace, Travel, Happiness and Mindfulness. Yogi Peace Club hopes to inspire fellow yoga participants with its creative designs and unique product offerings. I love the fact that I have full creative control of the brand and I can be as experimental as I want with the design. This is the first time I have started a brand of my own.

What inspired you to call your activewear brand: Yogi Peace Club? The idea was inspired while in Byron Bay with my family. I wanted a name that felt inclusive and makes people feel like they are part of a Club. I wanted a name that evoked a feeling of community and inclusion.

What is most important to you when it comes to Yogi Peace ClubAs the founder it’s not what I think about the brand its what the customers think. I want my customers to feel they are part of the Yogi Peace Club. That they are buying something that is made with love and passion. I want them to feel youthful, fun, fit and playful. What I love most about the brand is the strong environmental philosophy and the quality behind the products. For example the mats are free from the nasties – latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC, Chlorine and Phthalates and are made Luxurious micro-fibre bonded to 100% natural recycled and biodegradable tree rubber. That same principle is applied to the suppliers I work with. All the factories I work with have excellent staff and labour conditions and meet strict factory requirements.

What type of Yoga do you practice & teach? I love vinyasa. I love working with beginner yogis and watching their practice blossom.

Do you practice Yoga everyday? or do you have rest days? I practice yoga everyday. It may just be a few sun sals but on most days I try and get to class or teach a class. Yoga is more than the physical asana it is about gratitude, acceptance, kindness and doing good to others.

When you wake up in the morning what is the first thing you do? 10 up face dogs (back extensions) to warm and realign the spine.

What Things Make You Feel Happy? 
Family, yoga, beach sunshine, travel, healthy food.

What Can’t You Live WithoutMy husband and children. Living by the beach. And of course yoga.

As a Business Woman, Busy Mother what do you do when you want to have some down time? I go to the Beach and lay in the sun!

What is your Favourite Go-To Healthy Drink? I love a good green smoothie I am also really into turmeric at the moment blended into a juice.

What do you think anyone could do to improve their own Health and Wellness? Cut out refined sugars starchy carbs, cut back on alcohol, practice yoga and walk everyday.

As a Yoga Teacher, do you prefer to teach with or without MusicMusic is everything to me. I love sorting out my playlist based on the class I am teaching.

Apart from practicing Yoga how else do you keep active? Walking to the beach, which I do most days. And I love surfing in the summer with my husband and kids. We have a tropical garden so spending time in the garden is energizing and seeing growth in the garden is fulfilling, rewarding and balancing.
You make Luxe Eco Yoga Mats with pretty prints what inspired you to do this? Designing patterns and prints is one of my favourite things to do. I love playing with shape and colour. I also draw inspiration from travel to Indonesia, California and Mexico.


What Skincare are you using right now? All the vitamins A, B, C

What is your Favourite Holiday and Spa Destination? I have always been such a ‘Bali girl’. Since I was 8 years old I have travelled there most years to escape the winter. My husband is surfer so we always have to follow the surf. I love going to day spas in Bali, but also I am happy with a simple foot massage on the beach and chatting with the locals watching him and my son surf.

Who has inspired you lately on a Health, Wellness, Spiritual Level? I recently went to Sydney to Kathryn Budig’s workshops. I simply adore her and her teaching style. Her latest book Aim True is fabulous for inspiration.

Yogi Peace Club sells Tropical incense; do you personally use them? When at home I burn the tropical incense every morning. It makes me feel like I am on holidays at home. The mango fragrance is my favourite.

What words of wisdom can you share for those wanting to Live their Dreams but to fearful to do so? Never give up. Its damn hard work and it never stops. Yogi Peace Club is not a job for me it’s a passion and I love it. If you have a passion or a dream, follow your heart and take the journey, no matter how difficult the path may be.

What Mantra do You LOVE to LIVE BY? Simple – “do what makes you happy” As John Lennon once said “life is what happens when you are busy making plans.

What can someone do to FEEL GOOD? To make yourself feel good…..Do something for someone else who needs it most and expects it the least.

“Thanks to Emma Barr founder of Yogi Peace Club for sharing your Beautiful Words of Wisdom with Spa it Girl – You are Amazing – A True Aussie Active Living Yoga Inspiration” @Spaitgirl

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“I LOVE Yogi Peace Club” They offer such feel good Yoga tops and Beautiful Eco Yoga Mats too”  “You will notice by looking at my latest Instagram photos @Spaitgirl I am wearing one of my favourite Yogi Peace Club tops which says:  Coco Nuts About Yoga that truly reflects how I feel about practicing Yoga” Yvette Le Blowitz – founder of Spa it Girl @Spaitgirl

“As Australia’s Active Living, Wellness, Yoga, Spiritual Loving Blogger and Founder of Spa it Girl – I love wearing Yogi Peace Club as it makes me feel good and I love how it’s Australian too – just like me” ” Yogi Peace Club is the Yoga Brand every yoga girl needs to be wearing” Yvette Le Blowitz – founder of Spa it Girl @Spaitgirl