Anti-age with Cosmetic Acupuncture

Forget Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Acupuncture is the latest Anti-Aging Treatment Beauties are Naturally turning to.

Helen Turner from Helen Turner Health who is a Qualified Cosmetic Acupuncturist chat’s exclusively with Spa it Girl to share what the Benefits are from having Cosmetic Acupuncture – plus what her own Health, Wellness and Skincare Tips are:

Meet Helen Turner from Helen Turner Health:

How can Cosmetic Acupuncture Help Your Skin? Cosmetic Acupuncture can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, puffiness and tension in the muscles of the face. It can also help you to feel relaxed, improve your quality of sleep and other general health benefits which you can read about further on my website.  

For people who are scared of needles what advice would you give them? Don’t be, the needles are very fine and nothing like medical needles used for taking blood or injections. People always comment that it’s nothing like what they expected.

What Inspired you to become an Acupuncturist? I trained in acupuncture 9 years ago and then decided to do further training in cosmetic acupuncture. I worked with a physiotherapist who was also trained in acupuncture from the age of 16, so I had seen the positive benefits of the treatment from an early age. I love holistic health and encouraging people to live a healthier life. Acupuncture can help so many conditions and I continue to use it more and more with my clients due to the success my clients have following treatment.

What does Acupuncture actually do? Acupuncture can do many things and there are multiple theories of how it works, the more traditional theory is of Qi and energy flow. The idea that problems occur in the body when there is a blockage of this Qi, the needles help to restore the healthy flow of Qi in the body. The more western approach is that it produces endorphins which are your bodies’ own happy hormone and pain relief mechanism, this helps to relax muscles and give pain relief, also with the cosmetic side, the needles produce tiny wounds which your body responds to by producing collagen and elastin to repair the wound. This can help to smooth out the texture of the skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the Health and Wellness Benefits of Acupuncture? The main benefits are pain relief, decreased muscle tension, improved sleep, improved skin tone/texture, hormonal balance and it can help with controlling cravings and addictions. However, there are many more than this. It is a good thing to research what your specific problem is and see if acupuncture may be of benefit to you.

As a Health and Wellness Professional what things do you like to do to maintain your own health and wellbeing? The main thing is making sure I find time to do the things that make me happy and feel good. Weightlifting, boxing, seeing friends and family, cooking meals from scratch, traveling. You have to find a balance, it isn’t all about work and business. I’ve worked with some of the richest people in the world and trust me they have the same problems as everyone else, marital problems, health problems, stress etc. You can’t buy health and happiness you have to learn to look after you physical and emotional health yourself.

What tips can you give someone trying to improve the way they feel? Decide what it is that you are unhappy about and work on that, whether it be your job, work-life balance, diet, exercise regime, relationships. Focus on small changes set goals both long term and short term. Write your goals down, but don’t tell people about them. Apparently research shows that if you don’t discuss your goals you are more likely to achieve them, sounds strange but discussing them makes you feel like you are maybe making progress, when actually you are not.

Can you share your own words of wisdom for anyone who is feeling frustrated that they can’t seem to lose weight even though they are trying so hard? Losing weight is a bit like the story of the tortoise and the hare, you want to be the tortoise for sure. If you’re the hare and do crash diets and calorie restriction, then you may lose the weight faster but it will all go right back on unless you make sustainable changes to your lifestyle and diet. Too often people try to choose to change too many things at once and can’t manage, then they give up saying it’s too difficult. Choose what you think is your worst area, say diet, make small changes that don’t seem too drastic and be happy with a slow weight loss, around 1-2 lbs a week is the max you want to be losing a week. Don’t weigh yourself often, learn how you are doing by how you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. The numbers on the scale don’t matter.  

As a Wellness Coach do you believe we should be going Lactose Free; Gluten Free? Or like some PT’s suggest to tone up cutting our carbs out after 3pm in the afternoon? Or do you think eating a balanced diet is still the way to go? I don’t support any diet method, it’s not sustainable. I prefer gradual healthier changes to your diet and lifestyle. I let people explore the gluten/dairy free for themselves and get them to be more mindful about their eating. They have to figure out what works for them as an individual. None of this don’t eat this or don’t eat that just because maybe I don’t eat it myself. There is plenty of research to show lactose and gluten are not good for the body, people react in different ways but research isn’t going to make people successful in achieving their goals. They have to explore things for themselves and understand how things feel, good or bad. If a client is mindful enough to realize that gluten makes them feel bloated and sluggish, then they are more likely to be successful in avoiding it, rather than being told not to eat it as its bad for you.

Your Instagram Account @helenthealth has lots of Beautiful photos of places you have travelled to can you share your favourite Spa with us? I was as lucky enough to live in Bermuda for six years which almost feels like you are on a permanent vacation. One of my favourite spa’s on the island is the ‘La Serena Spa’ at the Reefs Hotel. It’s the only place that I know in the world where you can sit relaxing in the Spa overlooking the beautiful turquoise sea and see Humpback whales swimming past and spouting or splashing their tail on the calm ocean. All while you’re sipping your cocktail or herbal tea. Bliss….

What are your favourite thing’s to eat? Drink? Do you ever eat chocolate? Or are you totally strict when it comes to your diet? do you live by the Mantra everything in Moderation? Totally everything in moderation, I love food and don’t restrict myself from having anything that I want. I don’t eat much fast food and don’t drink soda and alcohol only on occasion. There Is no alcohol in my house, if you’re coming round for dinner you have to bring your own! It’s not a conscious thing, as I have got older I want it less and enjoy drinking mineral water, herbal or green/white teas. I love authentic curry and dahl and am trying to master being better at cooking them myself. Also recently I have been interested in the Moroccan tradition of cooking using a Tagine. Keep a look out for future posts on my blog with recipes.

You have Amazing Skin what are you Skincare tips? I keep it simple and find what works for your skin, not everyone else. Skin is so subjective and can be affected by so many different things; diet, stress, climate, allergies etc. Only by learning how your skin reacts to these things will you be able to manage and look after it well. I don’t drink soda at all, limited dairy and only drink alcohol on rare occasions, so I think this has helped maintain a youthful look. Sun, sugar, alcohol and smoking are the worst things you can do in terms of aging your skin, so try and expose you skin to them as little as possible. I use a natural cleanser and bamboo face cloth for gentle exfoliation of dead skin. I don’t really use moisturizers or cream based products, I find they clog my pores, but I have a vast collection of face oils which work great and don’t cause breakouts like you may think. But remember everyone’s skin reacts in different ways. Removing make up well can also make a big difference to your skin.


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