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In need of some FOOD & FASHION Inspiration? well at Spa it Girl we found it thanks to Grace Carey Caton – London Food & Fashion Blogger.

Spa it Girl chatted exclusively with Grace Carey Caton from London to find out what her Favourite Blogger things, because we know she LOVES Food, Fashion, Style, Health, Wellness, Spa, Travel and that it’s her PASSION.

Meet Grace a fashion and food blogger with a huge passion for health and wellbeing, who studied in Fashion and has worked in Fashion for over 3 years – most recently at Arcadia as an International Visual Operations coordinator.

Grace now combines her love for food and health and is also studying part time at the college of naturopathic medicine and in three years will be fully qualified to be a naturopathic nutritionist.

As a Food Blogger what’s your Favourite Food Really to EAT? My favourite food in the whole world is sweet potato so if I could have this with everything I so would! At the minute though with the weather change I am really enjoying warming stews and Buddha bowls packed full of vegetables, chickpeas/beans and of course avocado! I love also eating raw desserts.

Favourite Place to Have a Matcha? When I first tried a matcha latte I was really unsure but after trying my second at Store st Espresso near Tottenham Court Road in London I have completely fallen in love! I would have to say as this is the one that stole my heart this is my favourite place to grab one.

Favourite Place for a Juice? I love the ‘Just Ride’ smoothie from Pyscle’s Energy Kitchen! Its delicious and the perfect pick me up after a sweaty spin class!

Favourite Summer Book Read? ‘The Power’ by Rhonda Byyrne was my favourite summer read this year as it really changed my views on so many things and gave me a real feel of gratitude.


What’s a Quick Easy Go To Breakfast? That anyone could make? At the moment I am keeping it really simple with breakfast as my schedule is much busier! Two of my favourites at the moment are gluten free toast with cashew nut butter and banana or ‘Paleo Food Co’s honey and pecan granola.

We see you have popped into Psyche London for a class what did you think? I loved it! After my first class I was beaming and so happy for the rest of the day! It motivates me to work out in a completely different way to anything I’ve ever done before and as I mentioned before you NEED to try the just ride smoothie.

Ah the most energising morning workout ever at @psyclelondon this morning.. Can't believe this is the first time I've got there but am hooked already ??????

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As a Food Blogger, what Cook Book do you absolutely Adore? I am a total fan girl (as most health bloggers are) of Deliciously Ella. What I love about a lot of her recipes are how cheap they work out! The ingredients list is never too long and the meals are always so filling and delicious!

What is your Favourite London Spa? The Mondrian is my absolute favourite. The spa is SO calming and relaxing and they serve you tea all day with magazines and fluffy robes! There are endless amount of treatments on offer and I would happily stay there every night if I could!

As a Fashion Blogger what is a weekend Style you think anyone could pull off? I think weekend style works best when kept simple! For the day time I love going for some loose fitted jeans with a baggy white shirt and some converse with my black Cara Delevinge Mulberry bag. For evening you cant go wrong with a black dress especially at this time of year! If I’m keeping it simple with a black dress I like to have a stand out bag, shoes, or necklace.

Regretting not buying these pretty @missselfridge shoes ???

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How do you stay Healthy & Well? Prepping your week ahead is key for me and ensuring I have everything I need to make my meals. I do try though to stick to my healthy plan around 80% of the time as I really do believe you need the other 20% of time to not be so strict with yourself to help you stick to it for the rest of the time! I love avocado and a plate full of vegetables but I also love red wine and dessert so I truly believe you need to find that balance.

What Skincare do you currently use? At the moment I use the Neals Yard x Deliciously Ella skincare range which is made using natural ingredients and smells amazing.

What’s your’s next Holiday’s Destination? This year I went on the most amazing holidays to Sri Lanka, The Maldives & Santorini which I completely fell in love with each of! So for now there is nothing booked for the next adventure. The next place on my list though would be a weekend spent in Florence.

Day time relaxing in Santorini ???

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Next Fashion Purchase? I’m after a new pair of black boots for this Autumn Winter!

Next Gym Class? On Wednesday im trying out a Barre class arranged by ‘Frame’ in my workplace!

Recipe to Make or Cook? I was lucky enough to be sent a brownie mix pack from Creative Nature so I will be whipping these up some time this week which I am really excited about.

Pretty walks in London on Sunday afternoon. Probably need to start looking at the camera ?

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