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Meet our #IAMASPAITGIRL InspirationsBe Inspired to pop on a Face Mask, Wear a Bath Robe, or Celebrate your Birthday at the Day Spa with your Bestie.

#IAMASPAITGIRL – Monique wearing a Happy Smile & Face Mask at Blue Lagoon in Iceland – what an amazing place to pop on a Face Mask.

#IAMASPAITGIRL – Happy Birthday to Nikita spent the Day in the UK with her Bestie at the Spa to celebrate her Birthday.  Nikita & her Bestie look so Happy & Radiant.

Me and Sunday's go way back

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#IAMASPAITGIRL Maja channeling her Inner Spa it Girl, she loves her self care Sunday Robe Life.  What a lovely reminder to take care of yourself each Sunday Spa it Girl’s.

#Maldives #jumeirahvittaveli #jumeirahvittavelimaldives

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#IAMASPAITGIRL Natalie is at Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives taking a moment to truly appreciate her Spa it Girl Moment at the Maldives.  The water looks amazing, I think we could stare at that all day.

#IAMASPAITGIRL Clara is being a Spa it Girl at Hotel Spa Niwa in Spain.  Nina means Garden in Japanese this Spa Hotel also focusses on a Being a Spa Healthy Hotel free of nasty toxins.

Founder of Spa it Girl www.spaitgirl.com Yvette Le Blowitz, popped into @endotaspa Airlie Beach & caught up with Ashleigh & other Spa it Girl & shares the girls that work there are Amazing totally passionate about endota spa & what they do, plus their clients too. If you want to experience a Beautiful Organic Aussie Spa Treatment then visit an Endota Spa. When you are next in Airlie Beach be sure to pop in also. I am so excited that I have started the Spa it Girl Global community & the #IAMASPAITGIRL hashtag keep sharing your Amazing Spa it Girl moments globally. I ❤️ you all ? Yvette xoxo #spa #dayspa #spajunkies #blogger #health #healthy #wellness #fit #fitness #beauty #skincare #vogue #love #loveit #cool #smile #lifestyle #selflove #travel #fit #fitness #great #organic #skincare #beautyblogger #yoga #yogi #yogagirl

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#IAMASPAITGIRL Ashleigh works at Endota Spa in Airlie Beach – Australia and got to personally catch up with Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl herself.

Founder of Spa it girl shared that how Ashleigh is such a Spa it Girl at Heart and Truly Passionate about Endota Spa, their Spa Locations, Customers, their products, treatments, Spa Therapy, Health and Wellness.

Ashleigh shared with Spa it Girl: that she loves being part of the Spa it Girl Global Community and loves how Yvette Le Blowitz started Spa it Girl and the hashtag #IAMASPAITGIRL as she now feels like she is part of a Global Spa Community.


Here is a Message from Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl 

“I love seeing how everyone is hash tagging #IAMASPAITGIRL” “I get so excited to see what you are up to and I love being part of your Spa it Girl Journey”.

“No Matter how busy I am, I always make the time to personally check your photos out and read your instagram post” “I love leaving a personal comment for you and while a lot of sites out source this I choose not to as I want the Spa it Girl Global Community and I want to truly connect with each and everyone of you as I am so proud of each and everyone of you”

Creating a Global Spa it Girl Community has become bigger than my wildest dreams”

“I love you all – THANK YOU from the Bottom of My Heart & SOUL”

Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl