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Ever wondered what life might be like as a Wellness Blogger living in New York City? at Spa it Girl we chatted exclusively with Kayla Kleinman to find out.

Meet Kayla Kleinman from Kayla in the City a New York City based Wellness Blogger, yoga teacher and a marketing professional currently in grad school for social media, who has recently started a wellness event company Holistic Happening with her health coach friend.


What Inspired You to Start Your Kayla in the City Blog? I started it when I was a senior in college and just beginning my own wellness journey. I felt really alone in the process since most of my college friends thought I was insane and couldn’t understand how I possibly had the time to work out.

I started reading fitness blogs and realized I was not alone in this journey. I decided to start my own fitness blog to share my perspective as a college student and the hope was to also inspire my friends in the process.

What do you love most about being a Blogger in NYC? I love that I have the opportunity to inspire people, whether it’s something so seemingly simple as encouraging someone to take their first yoga class or sign up for their first 5K.

and What about Living in NYC? I love just about everything. I love being able to walk everywhere. I love that I can get food delivered at 1AM on a Tuesday. I love that the fitness scene here is vibrant and supportive. I’ve been here for 8 years now and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

We see that you get invited to Review Workout Classes in NYC what has your favourite been so far? My favorite fitness studio in NYC is Uplift. It’s an amazing all-women’s studio with serious girl-power vibes! The most fun bizarre class I’ve ever had the chance to review was an underwater, indoor cycling class. SUCH a weird experience!

What are 3 Fitness Things SPA IT GIRL’s could do when visiting NYC?
— Go for a run on the West Side Highway! I know Central Park is where everyone says to go, but I personally am a HUGE fan of the West Side Highway running path. It’s where I logged all my miles while training for the NYC Marathon last year.

— Take a flying trapeze class at Trapeze School New York. I’ve been a flying trapeze junkie for about 7 years now and try to take a class weekly. It’s the best adrenaline rush in town, plus does wonders for your back muscles.

— If you’ve never been to SoulCycle and they don’t have a location near you, I think Soul is a must. It’s the class that started the group fitness boom in NYC.

What Activewear are you wearing right now in NYC? I’m a sucker for Lululemon leggings both for working out and every day life. I’ve been really loving Reverence Apparel for tank tops lately. They have cute and hilarious sayings that fit my vibe and personality well.

What do you think the Biggest Health & Fitness Trend in NYC is? I think 2014 was the year of spin, 2015 the year of rowing and now 2016 was the year of boxing. Boxing workouts started popping up EVERYWHERE in NYC.

What Makes You Happy? Being with my friends and/or boyfriend. Going to see a Broadway show. And that feeling when the endorphins hit after a work out or blissful yoga class.

What Trainers are you working out in? For cross training I love Nike Frees.

What words of wisdom can you share with someone who is busy at work & feels like it’s so hard to fit their workouts in? Every little bit counts, even if it’s just making an effort to walk more or squeeze in a 15 minute workout. For me working out in the morning is a must too, I find the evenings can get so crazy and I lose all motivation by 6PM.

What is one of your favourite work out exercises? and song? I’m a musical theater nerd so typically work out to showtunes :) I swear the Broadway cast recording of Hamilton is the only reason I was able to survive the long runs when I was marathon training last year!

How can we stay motivated to work out? If you’re working out solo I find music is so important. Have that playlist of “get pumped” music ready for those days when you’re just not feeling it. I really love group fitness classes because the instructors and group atmosphere keep me motivated.

Can you suggest any NYC Spa’s we should consider visiting? For facials, Heyday is amazing. They do 30 minute facials that won’t leave you red-faced. Super easy to squeeze into a busy schedule. For a massage, Red Door Salon in Union Square is my go-to.

What’s Your Favourite Place to Shop for your Active Wear? Lululemon, Carbon38, Bandier, to name a few.

Do you Believe in Goal Setting? and if so how do you do it? I write a blog post every month covering a few small goals just for that month. I find it easier to work on a few things at a time rather than having a daunting long list. Blogging keeps me pretty accountable :)

I also made a vision board at the beginning of 2016 with what I wanted me general vibe of the year to be and have it hanging over my bed as a daily reminder.

Do you have any Mantras you like to live by? Every year I choose a word to live by. My word for this year was Fearless.

You know you're a #blogger in LA when… ???

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Do you have any words of wisdom to share with other Spa it Girl’s  wanting to live their Dreams? If you want something to change, you have to make things change. Whenever I’ve been unhappy with a work situation or how things are going in my life, I proactively do what I can to make a change– whether it’s applying for new jobs, attending workshops that will propel your career or creating a side hustle you’re super passionate about.

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