Somadome – Your Personal Health Retreat

Somadome at Pure Yoga NYC

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of any City and your Busy life then Somadome is the place to do it.

Somadome is a meditation pod of infinite space, that you can immerse yourself in and do guided or unguided meditations it uses colours and light to heal which is an age-old technique.

Research shows that light helps regulate and control the autonomic nervous system and production of melatonin and cortisol, two hormones critical to health and wellness.

Somadome uses binaural beats in guided and unguided tracks to achieve beneficial states of wellbeing depending on your chosen meditation goals.

Binaural beats use varying inaudible frequencies to help guide our minds into brain states achieved during meditation.

This what the different Binaural Beats do:

Alpha for heightened creativity and deep relaxation; reduce cortisol, boost immune system, increase DHEA (mood enhancing), and increase melatonin to help with insomnia.

Delta for deep sleep and healing release of HGH (human growth hormone), deeply restorative rest & rejuvenation, accelerates healing.

Theta for meditation; insight and gateway to super learning & long-term memory, dream recall.

Beta for focus and concentration; shown to reduce symptoms of ADD & is the state for hyper-focus and cognition.

Gamma to increase cognition and improve memory, natural antidepressant, relieves symptoms of ADD & ADHD.

Just as Tibetan monks use singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments to help access meditative states, modern technology has perfected these binaural beat frequencies, making their benefits obtainable to anyone searching for peace and mental clarity.

Here are the Guided Meditation’s you can do in Somadome:

LOVE: This track uses theta states to improve clarity, increase charisma, and make you more available for love and connections. Best used when you desire affection for yourself and others.

MANIFEST: This track uses theta and delta to manifest the law of attraction, giving you a renewed sense of peace and guidance. Best used when starting a journey or setting your intentions.

HEAL: This track uses delta states to release HGH, which helps to accelerate healing, boost your immune system, and support well-being. Best used when you feel misaligned or have ailments.

OVERCOME: This session is perfect for those struggling with addictions or unhealthy habits. Theta states increase energy and metabolism, and can help eliminate self-sabotage. Best used when you must triumph or prevail.

RECHARGE: This invigorating track uses beta, gamma, and theta states to massage your mind, promote creativity, and relieve tension. Best used as a midday pick-me-up, or at the end of a hard day.

RELAX: This replenishing track can be used every day to calm your mind and relieve stress and tension. Alpha states promote clarity and restoration. Best used whenever you need a time out.

SUCCEED: This inspiring track improves your mood and self-esteem. Theta states initiate “big picture” thinking and can help to overcome obstacles. Best used before a meeting or throughout your workday.

FOCUS: This powerful track uses beta, gamma, and theta states to help increase energy and mental acuity. Best used to power through your day, mentally prepare for a workout, or get in the zone.

If you are wondering were this great Somadome idea came from? it is by Sarah Attia who has travelled throughout 41 countries and throughout her travels and studies, she became fascinated with the power of the mind. She studied yoga, energy medicine and meditation, and refined her vision for this ‘space’ she had envisioned in 1996: Somadome; a Sanctuary for the Self.

Sarah Attia founder of Somadome shared that even she use to struggle with Anxiety and Depression, and she knew there had to be a better way to manage it.  That’s why Somadome was created so there could be a place and infinite space to retreat to that allowed everyone the opportunity to Feel Good.

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Founder of Spa it Girl, Yvette Le Blowitz also shared  “Meditation is something I couldn’t live without, it is proven to be great for your Health & Wellness”

“I love to mediate daily it really is my Health Retreat and I also love encouraging others to do the same”. “I love the Somadome conception and everything it is about and I can see this popping up and being used in more and more Health, Spa’s & Yoga places”  Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl 

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