What on EARTH is WELLNESS? Spa it Girl


What on EARTH is WELLNESS? British VogueLA IT GIRL Camille Rowe have been on a quest to ask the question and to find out for all of us. If you want to know what is really going on in the LA Wellness Scene, then here it is – click on the below youtube play buttons to find out What on EARTH is WELLNESS.

Aussie Wellness Blogger, Yvette Le Blowitz tell us “that this is the most exciting Wellness Series I have ever seen, I love it”. “Camille Rowe is so a down to earth for an LA IT GIRL can’t help fall in love her.

“We also have some exciting news that Spa it Girl will be hitting the streets to show you also what is going on in another Wellness IT GIRL Destination….stay tuned.

youtube videos credit & thanks to British Vogue