Wellness, Healing & Spa at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali


Founder of Spa it Girl, Yvette Le Blowitz shares what going on a Wellness Program for Stress Management at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali was really like.

Here is a Short Q&A Interview with Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl:

Tell us what is COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali really like? It was Impeccable, Amazing, Awe Inspiring, yes one of the World’s very best feel good places.

I arrived feeling pretty tired and run down from over working, I love how I was immersed in Mother Nature and the views was amazing everything feel Beautiful, Stylish and Luxurious and spending time there I was truly able to switch off and I got to practice yoga, meditation, pilates,  I went on nice walks I ate really healthy fresh food and loved their freshly made juices.

I had the best private personal assistant ever Diana who made all the difference and all of the staff were really lovely happy, smiling attentive, on to it and it made me feel great having this outstanding level of service.

I had a Spa Treatment every single day and that was the best form of Healing Therapy.  All of their Wellness Consultants, Teachers were totally amazing, so knowledgable and I learnt so much from each and everyone of them.

It was the most relaxing private environment ever and everything just naturally flowed there was no stress with this place what so ever. I finally I feel like I have really found a place were I can now retreat to each year to focus on my Health and Wellbeing a place that offers a total utter break away from everything.  Not having to stick to a rigid Wellness Program Schedule was so relaxing and it made a big difference to the way I felt while there and on my Wellness Retreat.

I loved the peace and quite it was so beneficial for my Body, Mind and Soul.

All I can think is I never want to leave here it is so Beautiful.

Here is the Long Q&A Interview with Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl:

Why did you want to go to COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali? Because I needed a total break away from everything and I needed time out just for me.  I have been working really long hours lately pretty much from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed and even though I am a Wellness Blogger, Writer, Reviewer and Founder of Spa it Girl I need to take time out of my busy schedule and world to disconnect in order to re-connect.


My mother has also been really sick for the last 2 years in an aged care home and sadly this year I have watched her slowly go down hill and now with her being in Hi-Care & so sick that she is bed ridden it’s been a really upsetting thing and it has personally effected me as my Mum is truly my Best Friend and Role Model to me always has been and always will be.  She was also so active and fit and use to walk 5kms a day.  So seeing her unable to walk and not being herself has been really sad too.

My Mum was the one who taught me all about Health & Wellness, Spiritual Things and she helped me develop my Self Care routine which I love to do every single Sunday.  She has been the one who always told me to live my dreams, to never give up on my dreams and to always believe in myself. So naturally with a really busy work load, life and constantly full on busy life, there comes a point in time.

I choose to stay at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali because it’s a place of Healing and because they have a Wellness Program for Stress Management.

I liked also the look of the Accommodation and everything I had seen and read about them. They focus on Healing and Wellness so offer things like Daily Yoga, Meditation, Spa Therapy, Healthy Cuisine and pure utter Privacy which was just what I needed a real break away from everything.

With so many Wellness Retreats why did you want to jump on a plane to go to Bali? Because I truly resonated with their philosophy with ‘Shambhala’ in ancient Buddhist texts meaning the sacred place of bliss. I wanted to go on a Luxury Wellness Spa Health Retreat and COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali offered everything.

COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali is also the Flagstar of COMO Shambhala so for me I felt it was like the place for me to Retreat to for my Eat, Pray, Love Bali experience.   I also loved the look of how they combine spa therapy with their yoga, pilates centre and wellness resort and how the cuisine and everything about this place is to do with resting, relaxing, recovering, healing, re-energising but in a very calm, peaceful gentle state and place.


Also Bali is not that far to travel to from Australia and as a Yogi it’s the one place now I think every Wellness Spa it Girl needs to venture to.

I have also couple of friends who have personally visited and COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali and after one of my friends shared how she went on her own there after she lost her Brother and how it was a place of pure relaxation and healing that also made me want to go hearing how much it had change the way she felt within, another one of my friends spent her Honeymoon there.

And of course being a Spa Travel Reviewer, Writer, Wellness Blogger I had read all about it time and time again I had seen all of the Beautiful Marketing photos, plus read previous recommending reviews from other Travel Writers but had never made the time to visit this place for myself  until now when my Body, Mind and Spirit called for it.


Why did choose The Stress Management program over a detox program? I needed to bring my stress levels down, to have a complete utter break away from anything.

I spend a lot of time helping others, worrying about others, and focussing always on others that finally I needed to take my own time out to care for myself away from all of my busy day and work life.

I really need to find my Balance again as I know all to well that Stress is not good for anyone’s Health including myself.

What did you love about the Stress Management Program? That it was totally flexible.  Some days I booked in to doing things like practicing Yoga and Mediation Class, A Wellness Talk, A Bike Ride through the Villages however on the day I was able to tune in myself and pick and choose what I needed to do, so I had full flexibility to do what was best for me.

I loved how this Stress Management program combined a mixture of so many things to do like Yoga, Meditation, Aqua Therapy Classes, Pilates, Walks, Bike rides, Wellness Talks and Spa Treatments.

I loved how I could simply relax in the pool being grateful for the Beautiful Views


I loved how it offered Spa Therapy as part of their Wellness Program for Stress Management as I truly believe Spa Therapy is perfect for brining your Stress Levels down.

I loved spending time on my own and being in a total space and place to surrender.

I loved how I got to sit Pool Side and I instantly felt relaxed.

I loved the Healthy Fresh food and drinks plus how I was on a Wellness Retreat but I still had 24 hour room service and could get whatever I wanted when I wanted.

I loved how I had my very own Personal Assistant Diana who was absolutely amazing, beautiful, happy, friendly and always smiling.  Diana was so knowledgeable and anything I wanted to do was never a problem she was totally commitment to COMO Hotels & Resorts and COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali and providing the best world class quality one on one service and that for me made all the difference.

I loved how in my actual room I had a Tea and Coffee Maker and even a Mini Bar I felt that I wasn’t being told what I could have and couldn’t that even though I was on a Wellness Retreat I still had all the Luxurious Comforts and I didn’t have to struggle with sticking to set time in order to have my one or 2 cups of tea or coffee like some other Wellness Retreats that totally cut out that type of flexiblity.

That I really had no idea just how stressed out inside I actually was and even though in my day to day life I practice Yoga and Meditation most days, eat as healthy as I can, exercise and I try to take time out every single week to pop on a face mask, read a book and have a body massage or I get my nails done.

It was only after I checked in with my true self away from everything else that I realised I wasn’t actually busy within I was actually stressed within taking time out to disconnect to reconnect at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali was the best thing I could have ever done for my own personal Health and Wellness.


I loved how I got to personally meet with Nancy my Wellness Consultant who helped me so much and who guided me to try things like I had never thought of before in order to help change the way I feel within and to help bring down my Stress Levels too.

I love Simply Being and not having to do, do, do, do.

I loved how my Stress Levels came down and it was like someone had release all the tension inside of me out of me.

I love the sense of Peace, Calm and Privacy.

I loved being up close and surrounded by Nature.


I loved that I embarked on a SOLO Wellness Retreat Journey and that I achieved so much from doing it.

I love how I now feeling really good and re-connected and whole again.

I loved how being at COMO Shambhala allowed me to heal and to process so many inner emotional things.

I love how Happy, Well and Healthy it made me Feel.

I loved how all the Staff at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali each and everyone of them were totally professional, happy, warm and inviting they all gave me great quality customer service.  I loved meeting all of the different Spa Therapists, Spa Staff and Yoga and Pilates teachers too and finding out more just from talking to them on one one.

What did a typical day look like for you on your Wellness Stress Management Program?


Wake Up & Enjoy the Beautiful Views from my Room
Spending time to connect to my Inner self and breath
Feeling Happy and Smiling most of my time when I wasn’t in my Spa Treatments
A Healthy Nourishing Fresh Breakfast on my Balcony over looking the pool & Views
A Yoga Class (or) Pilates
A Swim in the Pool and then relaxing in the pool lounger bed
A Healthy Nourishing Fresh Lunch
Reading a Beautiful Book
Closing my eyes and drifting off to Pure Relaxation
Soaking in a Warm Bath
Visiting the Spa for a Spa Treatment
Going for a Beautiful casual walk in amongst nature
A cup of Tea and spending time being totally grateful
Relaxing in a Day Bed doing absolutely nothing
Outdoor Relaxation Shower
Connecting to Mother Earth and the Beautiful Natural Environment
Room Service Delivered whenever I wanted
Drinking Fresh Healthy Delicious Juices
Say Hello & Connecting to other Beautiful Wellness, Spa Souls
Enjoying the Privacy of my Private Terrace Villa Room
Saying Thank You and Namaste
Saying out loud this is the Best Place ever , I love it here and I never want to leave
Experiencing what it is like to surrender and let go of everything
Pure Relaxation like someone had let the built up pressure out
Each day varied for me as I got to pick and choose whatever I wanted to do
Going with the Flow and with ease
Taking time out to Heal


We see you met with a Wellness Consultant what was that like? So great seriously Nancy has changed my life and the way I feel inside.  I had a really open conversation with Nancy on arrival to COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali.  I shared with her a couple of things I had personally been struggling in regards to my own Health and things I just couldn’t seem to get on top of.

Nancy shared with me so many things I could try to do as part of experiencing my full Health and Wellness potential.  I learnt so much from her just in one Wellness Consultant session and I am so happy to say  I finally have nailed it and on top of my Health concerns thanks to Nancy’s advice, guidance and positive empowering direction.

I seriously don’t believe that I would have achieved getting on top of my own personal Health issues without meeting with Nancy at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali.  As the Western approaches I had been prescribed in Australia no matter how hard I tried just wasn’t working.

After meeting with Nancy and spending time immersed in the natural beautiful setting at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali I was able to fully surrender to my own Health Struggles.  Once I surrender and accepted what I needed to do everything naturally seemed to fall into place and the inner health struggle was finally over.

Nancy was so great and I managed to touch base and check in with her throughout my Stress Management Program and I now can’t wait to go back next year and tell her what a difference my day to day life has now been thanks to her guidance, encouragement, support and nice soft direction.


We see you had a Private Yoga Class what was it like? Great, I loved it.  I got to work one on one with an Ayurvedic doctor who is also a Yoga Teacher from Indian and for me I learnt so much about my own Mind, Body and Soul.  It really was an inward journey. I also tried different yoga flows which were completely different to anything I could get on my usual yoga youtube channels, or at the gym, or yoga studios but that is what I liked most as it was truly an Authentic one-on-one COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali experience.

What did you think of the Yoga Classes? Amazing when I arrived on the Sunday I tried the Restorative Yoga with Budi and it was the best way to unwind and to get into Wellness Retreat Holiday mode. I loved their Yoga Classes.

We see you did a Meditation Class, what was it like? Total Bliss, learning the breathing techniques by an Indian Ayurvedic Doctor and Yoga Teacher was totally amazing.  I seriously drifted off to complete relaxation and felt such a sense of inner peace, calmness within this really brought my Stress Levels down and after the class I felt so good within and so relaxed also.  I learnt breathing techniques that I can now continue and use in my day to day life. It was a truly Yogini personal experience.


What are some of the Spa Treatments you tried? On arrival I had the Remedial Massage I found that was a great away to get deep within my muscles I felt it was the perfect away to start my Stress Management program, plus after all the travel I have been doing lately my lower back really needed it.

An Indonesian Massage it’s a very traditional cultural Balinese massage I had this massage in one of their Private Open Air Spa Pavillion Rooms right in amongst the natural rainforest all I could hear was the sounds of nature and running water from the river, it was one of the most Balinese experiences as this particular massage is a combination of rolling the knots out. Even though I had to walk down from the top of the Resort down a number of stairs along the hillside to get to the Spa Pavillon I am grateful I decided to experience it fully.


I had a Hot Stone Massage and it was so nice feeling the warm stones on my body was great I love having a Hot Stone Massage as I find with the combination of the gentle hit from the Stone it really helps the Body, Mind and Muscles to let go.  One of the things I really like and thought was cool was how my Spa Therapist even put little hot stones in between my toes, this was the first time for me a Therapist had done this for me but it was so lovely to have Hot Stones placed nicely all over my body or under and to feel the warmth within.

All of my Spa Therapist were amazing, I loved each and everyone of them plus the staff at the Actual Spa were lovely.  I loved drinking their nice cups of tea each day and both the lemongrass and ginger tea were my favourites.

COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali has a really great Spa Treatment Menu plus they have so many Holistic Wellness Things on there you can do anything from having a Facial, to a Full Body Massage, a Colonic Cleanse out, a Private Yoga Class plus so much more. They have a Spa Treatment Menu that makes you want to have it all.

All my Spa Therapist were amazing, couldn’t fault any of them they all had the natural spa it girl knack and healing touch and they worked so hard to get the most out of my Spa Appointments and all I could feel was the knots and stagnated energy unblocking.  I personally feel like I achieved more at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali then I have been back in Australia.  It was such a nice feeling getting rid of the unwanted tension my body and mind had been holding on to.  As soon as I fully surrendered on the Spa Massage table the Spa Therapist did their thing and I was open and able to receive.

I loved the cups of tea they gave me also before and after every Spa Treatment I had it was so delicious, plus the views out of the Spa  Lounge Area is great and it’s really unique.

I totally recommend having a Spa Treatment every single day if you can.  As part of my Wellness Program for Stress Management two Massages were included but I felt because I was there I personally wanted more as my Body, Mind and Spirit was calling for it.

Tell us what is a Aqua Therapy Class? Ok the Aqua Therapy Class was the best class ever you are literally in this warm pool, the teacher normally does a series of warm up stretches and then it’s on to the circuit of jets like Spa Jet stations that work your muscles and help repair them plus help aid getting rid of toxins.  It was the most relaxing class ever and having jet stations that worked my lower back, shoulders, neck, calves, stomach, hips, you name it was the best feeling ever.  It also really did work I felt in terms of helping with riding toxins and relaxing my Body, Mind and Muscles.

Did you try the Pilates Class in their famous Pilates Pavillon? Yes I did I tried their Pilates class as it was part of my Wellness Stress Management Program, walking down to the Pavillon I was in absolute awe of the mother nature walk.  On arrival I met the Pilates Teacher Amy and she was Adorable and Super Fit, Healthy & Toned, you couldn’t help think wow if that is what practicing Pilates does sign me up.

The class I did was perfect for Beginners or any level really.  I loved Amy’s nice clam inviting teaching style it made me feel really well, happy and at ease.

I felt my muscles working like never before but it was a great reminder of how I really need to continue to working on my core in order to protect my lower back.

I really loved my Pilates class, it was really nice, Amy was so positive, supportive and Pilates Inspiring that both during her class and afterwards I felt totally great.  It was the perfect class to wake up and do.

Tell us what was your Accommodation like? Absolutely amazing, very luxurious, stylish, I had the most incredible views overlooking the rainforest, and the residences pool.

Every time I looked out I was in awe of the mesmerising mother nature.  Every where I looked both in my private villa and outside made me feel good. I stayed in Private Villa Terrace and it was lovely.

I spent a lot of time soaking in a beautiful warm bath that had sliding windows that opened up out to a little rainforest setting so it made me feel really connected to my natural surroundings and setting and all I could think of is WOW I can’t get this at home. It was such a unique Spa it Girl experience.

In my Private Villa Room I could call for room service any time, whenever I wanted and however I whatever it.  It got delivered to my room so I really enjoyed having lazy relaxing days and nights in my Bath Robe ordering room service.

Outside on my Balcony I had a beautiful table & chairs that I sat at every single morning eating my Breakfast and instead of being on my mobile phone like I am back home I didn’t even feel an urge to do that as the setting and surroundings was so beautiful along with my natural fresh healthy breakfast.

Sleeping in a 4 posted Balinese Inspired bed with the Big White Draping Nets around was amazing and I will never forget the feeling off climbing into my bed after arriving late in to Bali and feeling the nice smooth beautiful sheets on my very tired and wearing travelling Body, Mind and Spirit.

I loved drinking the fresh water bottles they had on offer in my private villa room and what a bonus I could wash my teeth with the water out of the tap as it’s clean water from the source.  I have had so many people and friends who always talk about when they go to Bali how they get Bali Belly but if you visit a place like COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali you seriously don’t have to worry about that.  It’s clean, safe and wonderful indeed.

When it came to my accommodation it was made to look like something out of a Vogue Magazine it was so Luxurious and each day, my room got turned over each day every time I went out to do my Wellness Program things I would return to a beautiful made up perfect feel good room.

What did you think about the Food & Drinks? Unbelievably fresh, the menu had a great selection of International, Raw, COMO Shambhala cuisine it was so healthy and even though I was eating a lot as part of the Wellness Program for Stress Management is you get to have a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for the amount of food I ate I didn’t feel like I had over done it or bloated at all.

What other things did you do during your Wellness Retreat? Moments of doing Absolutely nothing, totally relaxing, unwinding by laying on a day bed listening to the sounds of Mother Nature. Closing my eyes and totally switching off and drifting off to sleep.  I swam in so many Beautiful Pools around the Private Estate. I went for lots of lovely walks in amongst nature.  I actually got to meet some other lovely ladies after my Yoga classes and around the places who had also travelled to COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali just like I did have a complete break and to get away from everything.


Will you be back to COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali again? Yes of course, the service and the place was impeccable, everything flowed with ease, it was flawless. I couldn’t find one single thing to fault, I absolutely loved it and the way it made me feel.  I had the most amazing Personal Assistant Diana and she made my stay flow with ease.

I was so lucky to have someone like her take care of me from the moment I arrived to the moment I left.   Things I really loved about COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali was the Beautiful Views, being surrounded by Beautiful Natural settings and immersing myself in amongst Mother Nature.

My Private Villa Terrace Room was absolutely Beautiful, it was so feel good and having a nice long warm bath each day & night was great along with the outdoor shower.  The views overlooking the residence pool from my room was absolutely amazing, stunning and I was mesmerised waking up and seeing the shadows of the palm trees in the water.

I truly lived a Spa it Girl life here ordering my room service whenever I want, I got to hang out in my Bathrobe and drank lots of lovely cups of teas while the whole world passed me by.

Would you recommend here for other Solo travellers? Yes because from the moment I turned up at the Bali Airport and walked out the doors and it was hard to miss my COMO Shambhala Estate transfer as he was the only one in an actual presentable work uniform holding up a sign I could perfectly see that said COMO Shambhala Estate.

Even when I got transferred back to the Airport I had someone meet our car and take me back up to Security for check in and explain how everything at the Airport was going to work.  It was such lovely service from the moment I arrived at the Airport to the time I left the Airport again.

I was a SOLO traveller myself but what I loved most was I never felt alone because I could order room service in my room and I loved taking the night off from cooking and I totally enjoyed just relaxing in my own room.  If you are on your own and have been on a holiday for a very long time then this is the place for you.

Because by the time you have a relaxing day, take part in some activities of one of the Wellness Programs, it’s time for Dinner and a Sleepy Sweet Dreams Deep Sleep.

I had the best night’s sleep ever there and that whole sense of having my own space, privacy was so great.

What did staying at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali and Being on the Wellness Program for Stress Management Teach You? 


That in order to Re-Connect we must Disconnect.

That it is ok to Surrender to your Busy Life to leave it behind and to travel to a far away place to nurture yourself through Self Love and Self Care.

That sometimes instead of worrying about everyone else you need to take time out to focus on yourself.

That I really need to work less and have more Balance and Downtime.

That while I like to give so much to others, I need to give more to myself.

That I need to take Technology Detoxes more often.

That I do have the ability and power within to change my life and the way I feel within.

That I can get onto of my Health Concerns through exploring more Holistic Wellness Ways.

That everything I eat or drink has a direct impact on my Health and Wellness Body Mind and Soul so I need to choose wisely and I need to choose the best nourishing fresh foods and drinks that nourish me within.

That I can overcome my Diary Cows Milk drinking addiction that makes me bloat overtime I drink it and it’s ok to accept that I am Diary Intolerant.

That I don’t need to drink so many Cups of Teas to give me that Hyped up Buzz within that there are so many other alternatives which are actually better for me.

That Travelling SOLO to COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali is the way to go.

That the Balinese Culture, people and surroundings is absolutely Beautiful.

Focusing Inwards at home is great but each year I need to Focus my attention inwards actually on a Wellness Program in order to have a proper break.

That Being Grateful for Mother Earth and my Surroundings along with everything I am experiencing that is right in front of me.

That I love drinking the Fresh Juices at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali.

That Spa Therapy is the Best Form of Healthy Therapy ever and having a Spa Treatment a day is really the perfect Spa it Girl way.

How to Be Present.

How to Be in the NOW.

That Yoga and Meditation is the most Feel Good practices ever.

That I must always take tine out from my Busy Schedule to Heal and Feel Better Again, To Self Accept  things as my Mother getting very ill and how I can’t change it.

That I don’t need to be checking my Mobile Phone Social Media Feeds from the time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to bed.

That even as a Wellness & Spa Blogger I can go without checking my phone even if it’s only for periods of 12hours at a time I can do it.

That reducing my Stress Levels is always now available to me and all I need to do is Travel to COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali to go on a Wellness, Stress Management Program.

That eating lots of fresh raw unprocessed foods is always the way to go.

Taking time out of my busy life and day is ok as the world will still pass me by and everything is fine.

That next time I visit COMO Shambahala Estate in Bali I need to stay for a much longer time.

Waking Up Grateful & Happy each day was the greatest Blessing COMO Shambahala Estate in Bali could ever give.

Love & Light
Yvette xoxo


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