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Ever since I started my Wellness Retreat at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali it has really helped me focus on my attention in wards and to take a step away from everyone else’s needs and focus on what it is I need so I can feel totally Healthy and Well within.

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One of the things I have really been struggling with lately or actually for a little while now when it comes to my digestion system is being so sensitive to so many things especially when I drink diary.

I am your typical Aussie Active IT Girl who loves to work out in the morning and then who likes to grab a takeaway latte before work and who loves to have a chat to my Beautiful Barista each morning, it’s been my morning routine for some time now.

I have also from a very young age been brought up drinking Cows Milk.  I grew up having Cows Milk when I woke up first thing in the morning with my bowl of Weetbix (Cereal), cup of Milo, Quick Drinks, you name it if we could add cows milk to it we would.  As a family we went through so many litres of drinking cows milk I don’t know how my parents ever kept us with us as kids as we use to drink even glasses of cows milk after school before bed I think I drank it like water some times.

But for some reason my digestive system has totally changed and I am no longer that young aussie kid and when I drink diary milk it now makes me feel bloated and really uncomfortable and I have an intolerance.

I then switched to Lactose Free milk thinking that would make a huge difference when I ordered my morning latte however if anything it just put the price up an extra 50 to 60c in some cases even with it come out of a long-life bottle I found it didn’t bloat me like the Cows Milk, but I did start wondering why am I really drinking my morning coffee now lactose free if I am not enjoying it?

Is it a lifestyle active it girl habit? or is it because I truly love it and it serves my highest good? is drinking cows milk really that good for my health? or should I be trying an alternative?

When I met with my local GP – Doctor and talked about my Health concerns it was out right obvious that I was intolerant to Diary – Cows Milk and that I should seek alternative types of lactose free products.

Everything the GP advised was what my inner self had expected however it was still something my Inner Ego didn’t want to accept, because I was brought up drinking Cows Milk and it’s expected that’s what I should continue to do – even if it doesn’t serve my highest good.

I’ve found recognising your inner ego speaking is the key to any lifestyle change, as the inner ego never want’s to surrender to anything that will serve your highest good.

I found that even though my GP had told me I appear to be Diary Intolerant and even though I knew the symptoms totally stacked up in my day to day lifestyle home routine I wasn’t ready to accept it and to deal with it head on.

In order to make a lifestyle change the first thing I have had to do is break the morning wake up cycle of adding Cows Milk to everything I either Eat or Drink. I got raised from a very young age with the Cows Milk on the Morning Table and adding it to my Cereal and basically to anything at Breakfast time we ate or drank.

For me to be honest that’s been the hardest lifetime morning ritual to break, and even though I now know I am intolerant to drinking Cows Milk – it still was a Morning Ritual that I was trying so hard to hold on to.

It’s only been since I stepped away from my day to day lifestyle routine in Australia and travelled to Bali on my own to Como Shambhala Estate in Bali  to take part in a Wellness Program for Stress Management where I got to speak on one on one in a very private personal safe environment with Nancy my Wellness Consultant that I have totally accepted that it’s ok to be intolerant to Cows Milk and that I can make the lifestyle change with a few small tweeks.

Also after spending one on one time with Nancy my Wellness Coach I felt totally empowered, inspired with a can do attitude.  I was also really inspired by Nancy’s own Personal Journey of being American but Korean decent and having to make her own lifestyle changes as she too is actually Diary and Wheat intolerant so hearing her own story, and the things that she does too helped me a lot also.

Nancy gave me so many amazing ideas, suggestions, alternatives, the science and background behind it that I really finally got it! and now the idea of waking up to drink either a black coffee or tea with some Almond or Rice Milk, or having a green tea or herbal tea isn’t as daunting any more and instead of my inner ego telling me you can’t do it – my inner spirit with the right love, light, positive energy and lifestyle change support from Nancy my Wellness Consultant has really flicked the switch within and got me into the mind space of I can do this – I can make the Daily Lifestyle Change from Cows Milk to an Alternative Lactose Free milk or no milk in order to feel less bloated and sick!

Some people might think it’s a no brainer and that if you feel bloated or sick that automatically would just want to give up drinking cows milk like that, but a bit like alcohol it can have the same hold on you in which you drink it, and if you drink to much it makes you sick, you might say your never going to drink it again but then you find yourself right back there again doing it all over again drinking to much alcohol and making yourself sick – and that’s another reason why I don’t drink alcohol anymore and I have now been alcohol free (sober) for 3 months!!!

And just when you thinking giving up Alcohol would be harder then giving up Cows Milk to be honest I have found giving up Cows Milk to be way harder as it’s been a lifetime ritual I have done each and every waking day ever since I was a kid and perhaps it’s a ritual that still connects me to my inner kid.

Spending time by myself in a Beautiful Healing Natural Spiritual environment at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali has given me the privacy and space away from everything and it has allowed me to surrender to everything that no longer serves my highest good.

I feel now I have totally self accepted drinking Cows Milk is not the best thing for my Health and Wellbeing and that it’s ok to drink a black tea or coffee, on it’s own or with a dash of almond or rice milk, or to even drink a herbal tea.

I truly believe if I didn’t spend the time away at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali on my Wellness Programme for Stress Management I still would not have reached this place and I think all the time I spent totally focussing on my self, health and wellness and inwards on my Body, Mind and Soul has made all the difference.

Of course the Challenge is returning home and not falling into the old Lifestyle Habits but because I have now spent time in COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali on my Wellness Stress Management Program then positive universal spiritual energy I picked up from this place has truly changed the way I feel and spending time to surrender, to be on your own and self accept I believe is also what makes the biggest difference along with having someone like Nancy my Wellness Consultant who is from the outside looking in with her professional qualified holistic health support and advice.

So what Milk will I drink when I return home to Australia after my time at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali I’ve chosen to drink Rice milk and this is why:

Rice Milk is a dairy free milk made from rice. Rice milk is safe for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. Rice milk is also low in fat, which makes it a good milk substitute for baking.

Rice milk is made from boiled rice, brown rice syrup and brown rice starch. Manufacturers often add thickening agents to commercial rice milk. Rice milk may be sweetened with sugar and some manufacturers use vanilla to make rice milk taste more like cow’s milk. Rice milk generally tastes sweeter than cow’s milk.

Rice milk is popular with vegetarians and vegans because it contains no animal products or by-products. Rice milk is also good for people who are lactose intolerant.

Rice milk contains more carbohydrates than cow’s milk. However, unlike cow’s milk, rice milk doesn’t contain lactose or cholesterol. This makes it healthy for your heart as well as safe for those who are lactose intolerant.

Rice milk doesn’t contain as much calcium or protein as cow’s milk. Since rice milk doesn’t contain a lot of protein, those who use rice milk as a milk substitute must plan to include more protein in their diet through other means.

Most commercial brands of rice milk, however, are fortified with calcium. This is why a serving of fortified rice milk provides the same amount of calcium as a serving of cow’s milk. Rice milk is also often fortified with niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin D and iron.

One cup of rice milk contains about 140 calories, compared to 185 calories in a cup of whole cow’s milk, and 97 calories in a cup of skimmed cow’s milk. Rice milk contains about three grams of fat per cup, while whole cow’s milk contains about 11 grams per cup. However, rice milk still contains more fat than skimmed cow’s milk, which contains less than half a gram of fat per one cup serving.

Rice milk can be a tasty, low fat way to replace cow’s milk in your diet, especially if you’re lactose intolerant or adverse to consuming animal products. Rice milk is also a tasty alternative for vegans and vegetarians who are allergic to soy. While rice milk doesn’t offer the health benefits of soy, it’s still healthy.

Taking time out for myself and going to a place like COMO Shambahla Estate in Bali for me has been a bit like my Eat Pray Diary – Life Changing moment.  I feel like I have finally come to a place of full self acceptance and that I have now surrender to the inner ego that I have to drink cows milk because that’s what I have always done since I was a kid.

I’ve discovered that when I surrendered to the struggle and took time out to fully accept that I have a real life health concern that when I drink Cows Milk it actually makes me feel bloated and sick, that I need to fully accept that and make the lifestyle change regardless of being brought up daily drinking Cows Milk – it may have worked then but it doesn’t work now with my ageing digestive system and I am intolerant and for whatever ever reason that is – it is what it is – so I have now fully accepted it.

So jam packed with Healthy, Positive Alternatives to Cows Milk and Good Vibrations, Love & Support from Nancy my Wellness Consultant at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali I am now actively making the lifestyle change that is needed to serve my Health and Self’s Highest good and I have finally crushed my Inner Ego! that keeps telling me I need to drink cows milk so I grow up big, tall and strong.

I also have created my very own Mantra which is:  It’s ok not to drink Cows Milk, you don’t have to be like everyone else and you are not a baby cow .   I find whenever my inner kid habit of having everything with Cows Milk in the Morning Kicks in I can come back to this Powerful Life Changing Mantra to prevent me from going oh it’s ok a little bit of Cows Milk shouldn’t hurt me.

Love & Light always

Yvette xoxo