How to Practice SELF LOVE SUNDAY – Spa it Girl Style

I discovered Self Love Sunday thanks to my Beautiful MUM who every Sunday would take time out to Rest, Recover, Relax and to Take Care of herself.  I remember her having a Self Love, Self Care Ritual and Sunday being the Day For it.

I caught up with my Mum yesterday and while she is sadly very sick and in an Aged Care home now one of the things we talked about personally was about her Self Love Sunday and how I too learnt that from a young age thanks to her.  Naturally having a Mum that was big on loving herself on Sunday has rubbed off on me.  And one of the things I am doing as part of my Self Love Sunday today is actually nourishing myself with Fruit all Day and that’s it.

My Mum everyone and again when she felt she really needed it would do a Self Love Sunday Detox and only eat Fruit in the Morning and Even at Night, just to give her system a break from everything and especially the packaged foods, tins of tuna, breads, you name it.

I talked about this yesterday with my Mum and told her that growing up at the time when I was young I thought that was no way I would ever want to do that Eat Fruit all day and night all I wanted was Chips and Lollies.

But now that I am much older, I now understand why she did do it once and a while. Today as part of my very own Spa it Girl Self Love Sunday, I am choosing to nourish myself all day long and night with fresh fruit, and fresh fruit smoothies and juices as I feel like I personally need I need to give my own system a break plus I want more nourishing vitamins and minerals within.

This morning when I first woke up, I went for a walk with my Bestie which was lovely and full of laughs, smiles, sweat and smiles.

This afternoon, I have a date with my couch and plan on laying on it watching a Feel Good Chick Flick Movie.

After that I am going to roll out my Yoga Mat and practicing a Restorative Yoga were I will get to focus on my breath and totally inwards and by holding the yoga poses and stretches for longer I find it to be a great way to check in and to work on surrounding and releasing the tension within, plus after that I will do a Beautiful Guided Meditation.

I do this every single Spa it Girl Self Love Sunday afternoon and I simply practice this at home via an on-line youtube class.

image: Lorna Jane

image: Lorna Jane

And of course as it is Self Love Sunday, I will be popping on a my Weekend Self Love Sunday Face Mask.

Spa it Girl – Self Love Sunday is all about taking the time out to care for yourself, to love yourself unconditionally and to do things that make you feel good within.  By taking the time to connect to your inner self you can change the way you feel Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Self Love Sunday is also a great way to re-store your energy, relax and to create some space within to help you get through your soon to arrive busy week.  Plus I believe by taking care of yourself each Sunday it’s the Key to Helping You Manisfest Your Dreams because when you have a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit – anything and everything is possible as long as you Self Believe.

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Love & Light
Yvette xoxo