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image: Tomoko Spa

BE A SPA IT GIRL at TOMOKO SPA in Beverly Hills – LA

A-Listers are swapping a night out for a Day at TOMOKO SPA in Beverly Hills.

Jessica Alba was spotted making her way to Tomoko Spa with her husband, Cash Warren, as she celebrated her 34th birthday and countless of other Celebrities have been spotted swapping a night out for a day at the Tomoko Spa instead.

We have even had some of our SPA IT GIRL readers visit Tomoko Spa who gave us the inside scoop that it was The Best Japanese Healing Spa Experience in LA.


Tomoko Spa have four private treatment suites, perfect for a Japanese Couples Experience that starts with a traditional Ashiyu foot soak, followed by a purifying Oruro bath in a cypress tub and an 80-minute signature massage that combines Swedish and Japanese techniques.

Afterward, couples can throw on kimonos and linger over green tea, mocha cakes, and sushi from the local cult eatery, Sugarfish and owner of Tomoko Spa, Tomoko Kurono tells us “It’s like going to Japan for the night, minus the jet lag”.


image: Tomoko Spa

The IT GIRL of the Spa IndustryYvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl and creator of an on-line Global Spa Community shares: “I absolutely adore Tomoko Kurono, Founder and Owner of Tomoko Spa, she is a Shining, Radiant Healing Light who has come up with massages from her own personal experience that work on removing negative energy from your body and renewing your spirit and to me that is really what receiving Spa Treatments and having Spa Therapy is all about – Healing your Body, Mind and Soul” Yvette Le Blowitz @Spaitgirl

Tomoko Spa also credits being born to a mother who was her village’s healer in Osaka, Japan to her wanting to follow in her Healing Footsteps.

Tomato was raised with a deep understanding of the healing powers of Chi (blood) and Qi (energy).  She found that many massage therapists possessed expert technique, but not many offered a combination of technique and soul. The healing powers of a massage therapist who gives from the heart far surpass the benefits of technique alone.

Tomato’s calling was clear.  The next chapter of her journey would be to develop a new, unparalleled massage therapy that alleviated pain and promoted relaxation more effectively than a purely physical treatment.

She shares“I learned to do good for people,” she recalls,“To transcend physical technique and truly give from my heart.”

Tomato Spa is the culmination of her journey, born with the intent to provide true, deep treatments for not only curing pain, but maintaining the body and soul with a replenishing life force of energy.

The treatments provided at Tomoko Spa have been developed over nine years of professional massage service.

At Tomoko Spa they have signature treatment programs specified to the unique physical, mental and emotional requirements of each guest, aided by the highest-quality organic massage oils and fine aromas.

Next time you are in Beverly Hills, LA you have to Be a Spa it Girl at Tomoko Spa and experience it for yourself.

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