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Hello Beauties

Just when you think being a Professional Blogger and a Soon to Be Published Self Help Author sounds like a Dream Come True, however t’s important to remember it does involve a lot of time sitting behind a desk also.

The Only Difference now is when I use to sit behind an office desk I was processing accounts one after another and then travel flight bookings all day long, at the time all I could think about was living My Own Dream and Passion and not someone else’s.

Sitting behind a Desk all Day can leave you feeling sore, tight, tense and like there has to be more to life than sitting behind a desk.  With that in Mind – I wanted to share with you my very own tips on how to have a Lovely Day when Stuck Behind a Desk all Day, here they are:

Create a Lovely Work Space:  I believe that what you see in front of you and around you has an effect on how you feel and your energy levels.  If you want to Feel Happy, Healthy, Positive and Inspired choose to Surround Yourself with a Positive Feel Good Things like, a Beautiful Screen Saver, some Fresh Flowers, a lovely Candle, a Gorgeous Desk Lamp, pretty Note Books, Pens, a feel good calming glass, mug and water jug, photos of your loved ones, best friends, your next dreamy Spa Holiday Destination.

Everywhere you look you want it to be Beautiful and to Feel Beautiful.  By Creating Your own feel good space you are choosing the vibe.  I always surround myself with Beautiful Feel Good Girly things and I honestly have to say it does really work a treat.

Calm Your Soul with Music: If you are feeling super stressed because you have a really tight deadline then my go-to tip is play some beautiful relaxation music there are so many relaxation music play lists on youtube to choose from, I am lucky that as the Founder of my Own Global Spa & Wellness Blog,  I get to play my Relaxation Music and Feel Good Music out loud and when ever I want and no one can tell me to turn it down, talk about Girl Boss – IT GIRL Power!

However it wasn’t always like that as in my Corporate Admin Office I use to have to bring my own earphones in and I would pop my CD into my Computer and listen to my music that way, until of course IPOD’s came out. I totally recommend always having Feel Good Relaxation Music on you because no matter what is going on around you, or even within you it does help to bring the workload and pressure down.

Take a Mini 1 Meditation Break: 1 Minute is all it takes to cross your legs seated in your chair and to close your eyes and to focus on your breath you will be surprised how just going through this Spiritual Motion will instantly after enough daily practice will be able to clear your mind and help re-focus when sitting behind a desk all day.

Stay Hydrated: If you have been working behind lately you can tend to want to go for coffee or even energy boosting drinks.  When you are feeling Fatigued and stuck behind your desk all day buy yourself a Beautiful Water Jug and Fill it up leave it on your Desk and make sure you sip on it all day, staying Hydrated will help combat Fatigue while doing wonders for your Skin and Health within.

Choose Healthy Snacks: There is nothing more prettier than seeing fresh fruit in tiny little bowls on your work desk eating Healthy Fresh Fruit is a great way to get a Natural Sugar Hit instead of heading to the vending machine for a Chocolate Mid-Afternoon Hit. Choose to Nourish yourself with Healthy Fresh Snacks as it will make for a Lovely Day when stuck behind your desk.

Roll Your Shoulders & Take a Stretch: Sitting behind a desk in the same spot all day can get a little bit to much on the body, so make time through the day to roll your shoulders and stretch, get up and go for a little walk around to get the blood circulating around, stretch it out.  Taking a Stretch will help to release any stress and tension also building up in your Body, Mind and Spirit from sitting behind your desk in the same space and place all day.

Positive Energy & Thoughts: It can be easy when working in a Corporate Office Environment to get caught up in the most trivial smallest things that with enough energy can turn into very negative and toxic energy.  When you hear any office gossip or someone whinging and complaining about either their work or something simply dis-engage and focus on a big white light surrounding you and protecting your Inner Aura. Regardless of what you have to say it doesn’t matter sometimes as you can’t change the way other people feel they have to be the one’s who want to change the way they feel.

Focus on throughout your day being Positive, and only giving out and receiving positive energy.  Choose to express Positive Thoughts only and even when all Hell is Breaking Loose in the Office and Shit is Hitting the Fan make sure you smile your way through it with Positive Energy and Thoughts.

I hope my very own Wellness Tips Serve You Well.  Let me know how you go by sending me an email to: as I would love to hear if they do make a difference when you are stuck sitting behind a desk all day.

Love & Light Always
Yvette xoxo